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Zainab Sajid Bridal Collection – The Most Promising Designer

Zainab Sajid is a Pakistan based fashion designer. She is one of the most promising fashion designer of Pakistan, who has been working in the field of fashion since year 1999. Zainab has emerged on the screen of fashion with the mission to give you lifestyle according to the latest fashion trend. She is renowned for her bridal wear and has displayed her creations in Dubai, USA and London also.

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Zainab Sajid 1 

Image Description: Zainab’s brand is all about elegant couture. Her main emphasis is on detailing with elaborate trimmings, elaborate elements, and inventive cuts while utilizing the optimum fabrics. In a very little span of time this talented designer has place redoubtable benchmarks in the fashion industry and is a force to be imagined with. She takes inspirations mainly from life and from all the beauty of this world, in general. Although, her main area of expertise is bridal wear known as Zainab bridal collection, she also designs beautiful formal and semi-formal wear. Especially Banasrsi chowri dar frock is her most stunning item.

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Zainab Sajid 2 

Image Description: Among the most talented Fashion designers of the Pakistani Fashion industry, Zainab is another immaculate name. She has been serving the world of Fashion designing through her exceptional & startling work, for many years. The major focus of Fashion designer Zainab is on designing ‘Bridal wear’ as her bridal collection is named at Zainab bridal collection, other than this Zainab also designs a fusion couture line- formal wear and classy semi formals. The designs of shafoone sari and gotta work symbolize the cultural heritage of the east fused together with the western sensibility.

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Zainab Sajid 3 

Image Description: If a girl wants to use splendid bridal dress then she should visit the outlet of Zainab Sajid. All the bridal dresses are adorned with heavy embroidery and looks pretty. Furthermore, Zainab Sajid bridal collection consists of pretty and excellent bridal dresses with heavy fancy work. Zainab Sajid used bright colors like red, maroon and purple and extends the charm and attraction of the collection. Her bridal Zainab Sajid bridal collection consists of bright colors. All the bridal dresses are prepared keeping in view the eastern culture. If someone is in search of incredible variety in bridal wear then she should not miss the golden chance of seeing her latest embroidery shafoone.

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Zainab Sajid 4 

Image Description: If you are looking for a spectacular variety in bridals do not miss to check Zainab bridal collection. Zainab is for everyone who believes in individual style, yet follow trends in sophisticated manner. Setting benchmarks in Bridal wear with innovative and original lines from traditional to contemporary. Zainab apparel is a sculpture of fascination and festivity, crafting a new style and elegance in the art of bridal & party wear. Her are work with banarsi ghakgra is one of her best piece.

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Zainab Sajid 5 

Image Description: Zainab started out her career as mainly a bridal designer however over the years she has revived herself and broadened her prospect to include fusion prêt and haute couture. The Zainab bridal collection includes excessive heritage traditional embroidery sharara with depth of embellishments sculpted in luxuriant fabrics in both bold and soft hues. She has showcased her bridal couture locally as well as globally in London, USA, and Dubai. . She is a truly extraordinary designer with the ability to produce a spectrum of clothing styles.

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Zainab Sajid 6 

Image Description: Zainab, whose passion is fashion and her name, is enough to symbolize high-end style, always surprises her fans and fashion lovers whenever she rocks any kind of fashion exhibition or week. So, if you are looking for the best wedding and bridal dresses according to the latest fashion trend in Pakistan then you are on right place now because we are going to show the stunning and gorgeous wedding and long frock of shafoon by Zainab bridal collection.

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Zainab Sajid 7 

Image Description: Zainab is one of the most wanted and currently the most demanding fashion designers in Pakistan. With the passage of time her fame and success is touching the sky limits. Her collection has each time stopped the heart beats of the women especially of silver work open shirt and plazo. All the bridal dresses known as Zainab bridal collection have been finished with the ornamentation of the embroidery along with the stone, motifs and dabka working as well. Furthermore the color shades are finished in quite brighter and dark strokes adding out with red, white, blue, pink, purple, yellow, brown and so many others So just grab this collection right now and make yourself out of this world stunning.

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Zainab Sajid 8 

Image Description: Zainab’s embellishments along with her unique way of playing with colors have set her apart from the rest of the Pakistan fashion industry. Who has been working in the field of fashion since year 1999. Breathtaking bridals are her forte. It is her passion and dedication to each outfit that is evident on every bride showcasing an original. Zainab bridal collection has the long shafoon shirts along with tights and palazzo pants. Moreover, Zainab has embellished this Collection with jam-packed embroidery and laces.

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Zainab Sajid 9 

Image Description: Zainab is a name that does not need an introduction. With her achievements in fashion beyond description, her name is enough to symbolize high-end fashion. Zainab has a well-deserved reputation for her bridals globally. She has achieved a great deal of success in London, Manchester, New York, and Dubai where her collection is showcased and highly appreciated. Taking over the fashion industry one step at a time, Zainab Sajid bridal collection with her prêt, couture, and bridals is a name not to be forgotten specially her coat style  shafoon shirt with embroidery.

Look 10

Zainab Sajid 10 

Image Description: Zainab the brand which is a sculpture of fascination and festivity, crafting a new style and elegance in the art of bridal is the famous brand who is struggling hard since 1999 to provide the latest fashion trend in the country. The Zainab is the most famous fashion designer in Pakistan who is working her best to promote the fashion and style in the country with the help of her unique and gorgeous Zainab Sajid bridal collection. Particularly long frock with plazzo work has been very famous.

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