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Whey Protein Gold Standard Is Suggested to Skinny

Main Purpose of The Product

Whey protein gold standard is basically a product designed to increase lean muscle mass. This product is pack with the gold standard, purest protein isolates which play a vital role in muscle building.

What Is Whey Protein Gold Standard?

This optimum nutrition product is available in a 5.15-pound tub containing protein isolates which will provide you over 5 grams of branched chain amino acids with each serving. It is the known fact that proteins are the building blocks of the human body. The increased amount of proteins intake will increase the process of muscle building and in turn will increase lean muscle mass. The product is available in chocolate flavor and contains fatty substances such as fat, cholesterol and lactose in negligible amounts.

Whey protein gold standard is prepared with the insurance of provision of the highest quality product.  The raw materials are separately tested in the laboratories and then the product is formed under the supervision of expert personals.

Whey protein gold standard

Positive Customer Feedback

Sumer from India says about whey protein gold standard that the quality of the product is good as the levels of heavy metals and cattle hormones are minimum as compared to other products. The sweetener added is kept at its minimum for the consumers benefit and this product will have the best results for extremely lactose tolerant people and professional athletes.

Negative Customer Feedback

Brad says about I have been a user of 100% whey for over a decade since back in the days when this cost less than $25 for a 5 lb container and had no issues till recently. For the past few years I have bought the Cake Batter flavor exclusively and use it twice a day.

Competitive of Whey Gold Standard

1. Bioplex Whey Plex is another whey protein product which does have a lower price but have high complaints of bad tastes and not mixing well. It has glutamine peptide added in it so it might be an attraction for some people.

2. VPX Zero Carb SRO is another whey protein product in the market. This product has better reputability as it have least side effects on the bowel habits but it is graded as bad tasting and over costly by many regular protein supplement users.

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