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VJ Fahad Sheikh Is a Stylish Fashion Designer – His Charm Attracts

Fahad Sheikh Biography

Fahad Sheikh is Pakistan’s one of the popular VJ, fashion designer and the fashion model. He is admired by his fan due to his charismatic and the glorious personality. Moreover he has got a very much sublime personality, this is what he is differentiated from all the others models. Fahad is the host of a total of the eleven shows, additionally he has been one of the best VJ of Pakistan which was depicted by the fact that his face book fans went up to hundred and forty thousands in a very short span of time. It is worth mentioning here that Fahad has got introduced a new brand of clothes in the market which is called FS clothing Brand, and it is one of the online shop and people can get the required product while sitting at home.

Fahad Sheikh Childhood 

Fahad’s childhood images

Fahad Sheikh images Fahad Sheikh pics 

Fahad Sheikh Wedding

It was back in July that he tied the knot with Mehreen Atta. Mehreen is one of the daughters of Shahida Mini, who is Pakistan’s one of the most famous singer and the artist. Their wedding was attended by many of the most famous Pakistani celebraties who wished the couple best of luck. Among the celebrities who attended the wedding included, close fried’s of Fahad and Shahida Mini, film Star Shan, Fashion Model Zille Huma, Ursala, choreographer Papu Samrat, writer Pervaiz Kaleem, film Star Bahar Begum and many of the other most famous personalities.

Fahad Sheikh photos 

Fahad Sheikh Showbiz Career

When we look at the Fahad, it seems that he has got a natural personality with is most suitable for model. Due to his charismatic personality and the perfect flow in his personality he is perfectly suitable for his modeling. Fahad started his career as late as in 2010 from a mobile road show. He started his career with a fashion show named as “11 number on style 360” which is a fashion show. It is due to this fashion show that he got famous among his fans. Along with his spontaneous nature, good sense of humor and the knowledge of fashion he became of the most famous celebrities not only in Pakistan but abroad also.

Fahad Sheikh modeling Fahad Sheikh salute  Fahad Sheikh images Fahad Sheikh VJ 

Fahad Sheikh News Stories

With his incessant efforts his shows and the F-S clothing debut in his short span of career. The clothing brand is one of the best brands in Pakistan, one of the most important things about this brand is that, people can shop online, while at home. They can order the suitable product while at home and they can easily get the required product.

Fahad Sheikh fashion designer 

Fahad Sheikh Interview

During his career he has one of the icons of Pakistan. He is a trend setter rather a trend follower in the fashion industry of Pakistan. He talents in has been oblivious in many of his shows. Additionally he has also performed in LUX style in his latest video Mahiya; his talents in music industry also made him a super star. This is due to all his characteristics and the personality traits that he has got so much fame and appreciation in his short span of career.

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