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Top Ten Health and Fitness Magazines in US

Magazines’ Demand or Yours?

Health and Fitness Magazines for apprehension is a key question of American nationals where junk and oily food intake causes obesity and idleness among men and women. For controlling belly fat, slimness and manage over calories and healthy food, the circulation of fitness and Health magazines are immense. These magazines are unconnectedly classified for men and women major diet and nutrition issues. Being economical and detailed there are few leading journals included in top ten.

Health and Fitness Magazine 

Listing Top Ten Magazines

1. Men’s Health

The reason for its massive circulation is simply that these pages include every detail what a man will seek, from health to work outs and from nutrition to weight loss. In addition it also contains a column for styling and relationships. Its production begun in 1987 and presently Bill Phillips is controlling it as an Editor-in-Chief. This monthly magazine is awarded as the world’s largest men’s magazine brand. Furthermore this journal is the best selling men’s magazine since it is in 40 different editions.

2. Women’s Health

Same as Men’s health magazine, this journal includes all the points of attention what women would quest for. Its publication started in 2005 and since then it’s published 10 times every year due to its enormous demand. This mega journal has 12 international editions that vary in 24 countries. The general pages, it includes are related to weight loss, fitness, nutrition, lifestyle, sex and beauty consciousness.

3. Health Magazine

This magazine is more like a family magazine as it includes food and recipes, diet and fitness, beauty and style and the whole thing associated to health and medicines.

4. Prevention

Prevention’s publishing took place in 1950 that had variety of subjects to deal with including fitness and cooking. Currently Anne Alexander is its Editor-in-Chief and the magazine is known to be the world’s largest circulating one.

5. Cooking Light

Cooking Light gets #5 in top ten health and fitness magazines. This monthly journal’s first issue was in 1987 and since then its publishing is on top due to well known food recipes, content regarding food and covering health concerns quite remarkably.


6. Runner’s World

This worldwide circulated monthly begun in 1966 and is published by Rodale Press. The journal includes details for runners who cares about their running abilities and motivates runners of all ages. It also comprises of sections of fitness, marathons and health regarding jogging and exercising.

7. Men’s Fitness

It was founded in 1988, California that deals with all the stuff regarding men’s fitness, health, sex tips, sports, fashion advices, interviews of celebrities and general surveys. This magazine usually aims men of 20-40 years of age. Though the journal is not monthly but it issues 10 magazines annually, published by American Media.

8. Shape

This English bimonthly’s publication started in 1981 by American Media that deals with women content regarding muscles, body shape and fitness that was awarded as a top class women magazine. It nearly benefits female of all ages as the stuff is general but informative like diet control, nutrition, health, physiological concerns and so on.

9. Oxygen

Oxygen is one of a knowledgeable health magazines, it basically comes under the heading of women periodicals and deals with fitness since females are more bothered about their diet and slimness. It includes pages for work outs, clean recipes, list of meal plans, health and study link and with fat loss tips.

10. Fitness

Lee Slattery’s Fitness began in 1992 that has subjects of fitness, health, exercising and lifestyles. Its issuance is 10 times a year with Betty Wong as current Editor-in-chief.

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