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Top Ten Books By Stephen King – His Bestest Novel Is 11/22/63

Stephen King is one of the best writers with more than fifty books, with all of them worldwide bestsellers. One of his novel 11/22/63 was the top ten books according to the New York Times Book Review which also won award of Los Angeles Times Book Prize for being mystery and thrill. It also earned another award of best Hardcover Book Award which was awarded by International Thriller Writer Association. The author is known world wide who have earned distinguish awards and who remained recipient of the 2003 National Book Foundation as well. The writer is a resident of Bangor, Maine, and his spouse named Taitha King is also a novelist. In the following paragraphs you will find top ten books of the author.

1. 11/22/63: A Novel

This is one of the bestselling novels by the author. The story is about a school English teacher in a town named Jake Epping, who reads an essay penned down by one of her students and the story carries on until the end which is one of the fantastic novels by the author. Well if I will tell the whole review here it will spoil your taste of reading the novel therefore I won’t. This is one of the King’s greatest novels. There are no monsters and no horror in this novel. But only one thing that I will say is it is great novel have one and enjoy the fiction.

Top Ten Books By Stephen King - 11.22.63 A Novel  

2. Under the Dome: A Novel

A novel is another good great by the author, the story start with an entirely normal and a beautiful day in Chester Mill. this novel has a great story and the writer has unfolded the story in an extraordinary way which makes the reader willing to read more and more and wish to have an another chapter, the novel contains an amazing cast of characters and the reader never now how and when the characters would be dispatched.

Top Ten Books By Stephen King - Under the Dome  A Novel 

3. Doctor Sleep: A Novel

Doctor Sleep is one of the amazing gifts by the author to all his fans. The story starts with a tribe of people across the highways of America, who are called True Knot, the people look harmless but old. The people do have their children with them as well. Well the story goes on and finishes with an amazing ending. This is a must read book for all the shining lovers of the Stephen King; believe me you won’t let it down until you reach the last page of the book. Moreover this book has a gripping story from a master, which does not contain horror instead it chases the deep fear of the original shinning.

Top Ten Books By Stephen King - Doctor Sleep A Novel 

4. Guns

Guns are anther good read from the author, in this book the writer has set down his thoughts about the persistently rising gun violence. Well this violence he mentions in his book is in America, he also mentions the anger and grief in the wake of shooting in the country’s specific areas. Well this very well written book with some valid arguments. The author has made many good points and it is a pretty fair and liberal leaning piece.

Top Ten Books By Stephen King - Guns 

5. The Stand

In the Stand the writer has started the story with a patient who escapes from a medical testing facility and who than unintentionally carrying fatal weapon. Well the story goes on, and there is much to admire about the book. The stand is like, you can either love it or hate it, but you can not ignore it. It has been one of the most popular books of the author. Well this is a must read book for any one who wants to know or who ever claims to know about the hear of American experience.

Top Ten Books By Stephen King - The Stand 

6. It

IT is one of the great books of the author, it starts with kids, who stumbled upon the horror with in their hometown, well this is a story of those kids until they get adults and they grow up to men and women who than go into the big world in order to face a different aspect of the world to gain happiness and the success. The book is very well written and the relationship between the characters has been amazingly detailed. Well it is a must read book for the all ages.

Top Ten Books By Stephen King - It 

7. The Shining

The Shinning by the author is about Jack Torrance’s new job at a Hotel. It is a great and a very perfect chance for him to get a new start of his professional life. Due to its alluring story, even after twenty seven years of its publications, the Shinning remains a very much gripping read by the author.  This book established the author as a modern master of the horror; this book is a good way to loose your self and an excellent read, while going through it you will loose yourself. It is really a must read for all.

Top Ten Books By Stephen King - The Shining 

8. Bag of Bones

One of the authors most gripping and an unforgettable novel is the bag bones, which is a tale of the lost love and a very story of intense grief. It is a story of the innocent child who was caught in a terrible cross fire. Well after reading this novel your will realize that the king is one of our most mesmerizing story teller, who will always make a place in our hearts. This book contains a very well told supernatural thriller with excellently depicted characters.

Top Ten Books By Stephen King - Bag of Bones 

9. On Writing: 10th Anniversary Edition: A Memoir of the Craft

It is one of the master pieces by the author of best selling of all times; it is no doubt a outstanding volume by the author. It depicts the practical view of the author’s expertise, which each writer must have. This is a must read book for the people of all ages, fans, writers, students and professionals which is a brilliantly structured and a written in a very inspiring way. In this book king has mentioned his memories right from the days of child hood to his emergence as world class writer.

On Writing 10th Anniversary Edition A Memoir of the Craft  

10. Joyland (Hard Case Crime)

Published in the year 2013, Joyland remained the Best Book for the month 2013; this book has got a very smart story. The book is composed in a way that it depicts the talent of the author in a very clear way. The story is about twenty one years old Virgin named Devon Jones, who has a broken heart, well the story seems interesting yeah? The over all story is sweet. It is in fact a hit by the best selling author, get one and make a good day.

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