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Top 5 Dan Brown Books Let the People FEEL

Dan Brown Books

Dan Brown is an American author born on June 22, 1964, who is the author of thriller fiction, and he is also the author of the bestselling novel, The Da Vinci Code in 2003. Many of his books have been translated into 52 languages, and they have sold 200 million copies according to a report in 2012. The author is one of the widely read amongst his peer. He is one of the highest selling authors of all time with only six books, as mentioned earlier 200 millions books of the author have been sold so far. The author was born and raised in Exeter, New Hampshir, USA. Both of the parents were singers and musicians; however his father was a teacher of mathematics by profession. Following is a list of the Dan Brown books which are widely read by all ages.

1. Inferno

This novel is widely read; moreover it is also criticized by many of the people. This book is layered with codes and the mysteries, and the incredibly fast pace and often surprising and the way he takes the fact are very much alluring in this novel. This novel has its own pace and incessant face, the way he takes the facts, pull them back, and make a twist without breaking the flow and turning them into riveting fiction is an another aspect which makes the novel very much interesting. Additionally this novel does lack some of the aspects, just like it lacks actions which are packed thrills and those which induce surprises. However it the book is really one which you will love, especially the fascination and deep composition.

2. The Lost Symbol

The lost symbol is one of the favorite Dan Brown books  from one of the bestselling author of his times. The author has specialty in the enthralling mix and dazzling accomplishment in his writings which is responsible for the increase in his fans. The Lost Symbol begins in a unique way with an ancient ritual. The most interesting thing about the beginning is that it starts with a shadowy enclave, and a secret, well the secret within the enclave has to be revealed very soon in the novel. Thus the reader will find that the secret within the shadowy enclave reveals at the end of the first chapter, well once you go through the novel you will come to know that what was that interesting secret else telling you everything in the book review will obviously ruin your taste and fun of reading the delicious thriller of the novel. Thus, this book review is not meant to spoil your taste. Well, Brown also challenges his readers to open their minds with new information same is it with this novel. This novel is going to make a good day for you, therefore just make it sure to a time aside and enjoy the good read.

3. Angels and Demons

This is another good read from the bestselling author. This novel combines a variety of the relations and the things which start with an ancient secret brotherhood. This is a very challenging thing to include so many aspects and taking so many things from various fields to under a single umbrella. It describes the talent and the approach of the writer. The writer is highly appreciated from all the readers for making such a thing which was nearly impossible. The book includes revolving conspiracies which you will enjoy the most, and it makes sure that you will not let it down until and unless you reach the last page. Moreover, this book is a great introduction to the Robert Langdon, whom many of the people may not know, or they little know about him. In a nutshell this is a very great book which has a gripping story, a very well written and riveting, additionally it is worth mentioning that this book is far better than the movie, so be quick get once and make a good day.

4. Digital Fortress

This is another novel written by Brown, whose story starts with NSA’s invincible code breeding machine. The machine encounters a mysterious code, which could not be broken. For the issue just roused the operator calls agency’s head who was a cryptographer, Susan Fletcher. Susan is a brilliant and a very elegant mathematician. What she finds out sends astonish waves through the passage of power. She uncovers a code which would cripple the US intelligence. Well later she deceives on all sides; she does not only fight for herself, but she also fights for the country.  Well at the end the story goes very much interesting as she was able to get the man whom she loves very much.

This is another very much enjoyable book by the author, once you start the book you will enjoy the book from its start page, and this book is going to engulf you very deep, more over the plot twists in the whole book you can say even in the every single chapter is going to make the book interesting to read. Well, it is said that reading is always fun, this is very much true in this book. Once you start reading the book you won’t let it down due to the fun and the riveting in this book, you will surely say, one more chapter please.

5. Deception Point

Deception point is another gift to from the world bestselling author to his unlimited fans. Here is the story goes in this book, when an amazing rare object which was being buried deep in the arctic ice was discovered by the NASA satellite, the space agency declares a victory. Well, this was uncovered by the dedicated team of NASA. Additionally this book is one of the best in Brown’s Novel which holds the reader in suspense throughout the novel, once you go through it, you will come across many of the twists and turns which surely engages the reader in the deep suspense. To make you sure this book is really hard to put down, so hurry get one and enjoy one of the good read of Dan Brown.

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