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Top 10 Perfumes for Women – ‘Their Tears and Their Perfumes’

Top 10 Perfumes For Women

Do you want yourself to be unforgettable? Yes! Using a perfume you can penetrate in one’s mind.

As Sacha Guitry said,” Two things that makes women unforgettable; their tears and their perfume.”

Tips Before Applying Perfume

Dressing up, styling your hairs, doing make-up making your looks awesome, but moving out without perfume is just like waste. Perfume is not only for keeping your body odor suppressed. It’s a confidence booster and adds a lot to the personality. First making your own signature perfume that clicks your mind is a half journey done and then rest is the story of how to apply it to be long lasting. A pleasant aroma keeps you attractive, fresh, happy and confident all day long. Important is how to wear a perfume.

  • Take shower before dressing up and applying perfume, because it stays longer on moisturized skin.
  • Or apply lotion to pulse points and then spray perfume on them.
  • Apply perfume direct to your skin before wearing your clothes.
  • Can spray in air over your head to perfume your hairs for sensational aroma all day long.

A simple rule to learn wearing perfume is a quote by Coco Chanel, “A women should apply perfume on those areas where she would like to be kissed.” Only wearing perfume is not the end; selecting suitable cologne going on with your personality is the first half as I mentioned above. If you are confident about your fragrance then you can carry it appealing others. It’s not to be so expensive or not must to be a brand it should be a real aroma creating a spell as you pass on. For me the most desirable perfumes for women are by Dior, Victoria secret and many others.

1. Daisy by Marc Jacobs

An attractive and affordable fragrance, which is must for every sensual women. It’s long lasting and is really refreshing and enthusiastic smell with pure essence of strawberry, wood and violet leaves.

2. CK Obsession

An old, but still as famous and well known for spicy hot mesmerizing aroma, you can have it. It was first manufactured in 1985 with many spicy and vanilla, peach, lemon, basil, Jasmin, sandalwood, rose, coriander and many more. Now, due to its popularity CK introduce obsession night with interacting new flavors to its tradition aroma creating more sexy perfume.

3. Tommy girl by Tommy Hilfiger

It’s a cheap but really a good perfume, long lasting and also best for day use. It adds a sweet and sensual aroma to your personality. It’s a mixture of flowers, sandalwood and heather.

4. Flower bomb by Viktor and Rolf

Every sexy woman must be a lover of flower bomb. As name, it is an aromatic bomb that sensually attacks the minds around you. It’s all because green tea and bergamot with a blend of jasmine, rose and freesia.

5. Black Opium by YSL

Yes! Saint Laurent proudly presented an enriched perfume with essences of coffee, pear, pink pepper, jasmine and vanilla. This beautiful combination is really heart touching and you lost in its aroma for a while. Not only, its fragrance is fabulous, it’s also last for a long period and best to wear every time.

6. Echo by Davidoff

Metallic, spicy long lasting cologne at an affordable price is best for day use making you feel energetic and refresh. The mixture of wood, spicy and echo leaves is a must to purchase.

7. Euphoria by CK

Euphoria speaks its name by itself. Amber, violet, cream and wood blend your senses with sensual lotus blossom boosting your confidence and leaving behind a signature fragrance.

8. Hypnotic poison by Dior

As, its name says, its hypnotizing smell ,that mesmerize you with the essence of almond, caraway spice, jasmine, vanilla, musk, cinnamon, wood and many other tempting aromas.

9. Bombshell by Victoria Secret

It is highly sensual and energetic aroma combination of jasmine, tangelo and musk. Victoria secret started a complete line of bombshell aroma using it in lotions, mist and body sprays, but it’s so special that it is produced occasionally only.

10. Dune by Dior

A woody, oriental and refreshing fragrance high defined by its aroma. It’s not only cheap, but    also a great addition to the aromatic world combining amber and wallflower.

Now, you can select the best fragrance of your own choice. I provided you with the best top ten women perfumes. Try these and let me know about how you feel about them.

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