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Top 10 Khaadi Winter Collection 2014 – 15 ‘Fine Fabric’

The most reliable product brand Khaadi presents its winter collection now at its all stores in Pakistan and around the world elsewhere. Winter is coming closer, and you must be planning to go shopping with your loved ones in order to get one which best suits you. If you are looking for the most affordable dresses which should also be satisfying your needs otherwise, Khaadi Winter Collection is best choice for you. You can have your choice ranging from all the colors including blue, red, brown, and green. Other than that you can also find the perfect blend of the various multicolored dresses. Here you can go to the list of top 10 Khaadi Winter collection.

Look 1: CAJ14553

Khaadi Winter Collection 2014 - 15 - 1 

Image Description: With the printed green shirt and the pink flowers printed on the sleeves, the dress is a perfect item for the upcoming winters. The cotton shalwar in the plane green color, the dress presents a perfect combination of the few colors. The black lace sleeves at the end and the black design at the front is another good combination. You can have the dress that best fits you.

Look 2: JI4550A

Khaadi Winter Collection 2014 - 15  - 2 

Image Description: The multicolored dress with the tangle design which is perfectly designed in order to give a uniform view to the various colors is a perfect choice for the ladies who like to have sophisticated dress. The quadrilateral patches designs on the shirt look awesome and perfect. With quarter sleeves, the dress looks very decent and elegant. It is perfect choice for those of the ladies who are a fan of the multicolored dresses.

Look 3: CAJ1453

Khaadi Winter Collection 2014 - 15 - 3 

Image Description: The mustard colored dress with the little purple colored printed on it, along with the pink borders on sides as well as on the lower bottom of the shirt is a perfect choice for the winter season. This color enchants a feeling of freshness in the deep cool winter season. The buttons knitted at the front of the shirt, and the full sleeves of the shirt look adorable. The dress is a perfect choice for the women of all ages. This dress is perfect for those who are looking most reasonable prices along with which that could fill their need as well.

Look 4: CAJ14554

Khaadi Winter Collection 2014 - 15 - 4 

Image Description: This dress is perfect choice for those of you who are a fan of light colors. With the light colored background and the blue floral designs over it, which are designed with the ultimate perfection, this dress looks elegant. The blackish fairly complex design down the button along with the needle type design on the border of the shirt this is a perfect choice of the ladies who usually prefer to have lightly shaded dresses. The sky blue shalwar with the completely designed shirt can give a wonderful match.

Look 5: JI4618B

Khaadi Winter Collection 2014 - 15 - 5 

Image Description: At the first site you would say this dress has a unique lace over the border of the shirt, however it is not so, the grey colored shirt along with the perfectly designed print over it looks so awesome. The yellow color touch to the dress at the end of the sleeves, at the bottom of the shirt and the front, captures the attention of the viewers which gives a unique touch to the dress. This dress is perfect choice of those who like to have properly designed prints in somehow classy looks.

Look 6: J14529A

Khaadi Winter Collection 2014 - 15 - 6 

Image Description: The eye-catching and ever elegant red color is a perfect reason for the choice of this dress. The red color which suits each of you causes much attention to the onlookers. The wide properly designed brown colored borders on the shirt, which have been joined by the blue colored border looks adorable. Rest of the part of the shirt along with front and the sleeves with the light yellow touch gives a perfect design to the dress. This dress is a perfect choice of young ladies, most of whom like bright colors which depict the liveliness.

Look 7

Khaadi Winter Collection 2014 - 15 -  7 

Image Description: The Ferozi colored dress with the floral prints overlooks charming. The red colored floral design looks like patches over the background giving a trendy style. The blue colored designs over the sleeves are uniquely in coherence with the rest of the dress. The fairly designed border at the bottom of the shirt with a green color is a perfect match with the printed front of the shirt.

Look 8: CAJ14621A

Khaadi Winter Collection 2014 - 15 -  8 

Image Description: With the prominence of the black color, this dress is good choice for the upcoming season. The uniformly designed quadrilateral printed designed over the whole shirt looks unique a perfect flow. The suitably stitched buttons on that front in a queue over the black color laced looks unique. The side print of the shirt at the lower quarter of the shirt gives it an elegant look. The quarterly made sleeves with the black lace border are in coherence with the rest of the dress.

Look 9: CAJ14505

Khaadi Winter Collection 2014 - 15 - 9 

Image Description: The ever attractive color blue is a perfect choice for the young ladies. This dress with two awesome colors blending into one another looks elegant and give your personality a perfect groom. The prominent pink color design at the front with the border at the bottom gives a prominent look to the dress.

Look 10: CAJ14520

Khaadi Winter Collection 2014 - 15 - 10 

Image Description: The beige colored dress with the multicolored complex designs over it is a perfect choice for all those ladies who love sophisticated styles. The awesome shirt with the yellow colored shalwar is a perfect match. The red designed at the front and the lace designed at the bottom at the border of the shirt give and elegant look. The multicolored dress is a perfect choice for the ladies of all ages for the upcoming season. This dress suits more to the ladies with fair complexion.

If you are getting reading for shopping for the upcoming season, you can choose one of the products of the Top 10 Khaadi Winter collection. So if you are looking for one of the above design visit your nearest store and get one.

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