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Top 10 Kayseria Summer Collection 2013 – Loud Prints

Kayseria Collection 2013

Kayseria Summer Collection 2013 is the reflection of Pakistani culture. This is the brand whose aim is to promote the tradition of Pakistan through it art and design. The color uses by the team of Kayseria is unique and new. They have brought much inspiration under one roof which is very difficult to manage. The designer never compromise over the quality of fabric they uses their fabric as canvasses.

1. Brown and White

Kayseria collection 2013, white and Brown print

Image Description: Kayseria is the very popular brand in clothing series. This above dress is pure reflection of Pakistani culture. The base of the shirt has a printed flower pattern with the contrast of green color neck. The design of this apparel is according to modern touch.

2. Black and Orange

Kayseria collection 2013, black and orange print

Image Description: Designing makes the apparel unique and stylish. This design is unique and differentiates from others. Black color is the major portion with the contrast of yellow. The yellow contrast gives in the design of belt. The shalwar comes with this dress is flapper.

3. Grey and Pink

Kayseria collection 2013. Grey and Pink print

Image Description: In summer everyone wants to wear loose and stylish apparel. The dress in the above picture fits best for this summer. It has pink contrast in it with the base color is grayish. The churidar pajama comes along with this dress.

4. Green and White

Kayseria collection 2013, Green and white print

Image Description: This color is not bright but the combination uses in this dress fits best with whole apparel. The base color is green while it has the contrast of multi-colors like yellow, blue, orange and others. The dupatta is printed, the shalwar comes along with this is simple and maintain the theme of this dress. This dress is simple and elegant.

5. Pink and Yellow

Kayseria collection 2013, Pink and Yellow print

Image Description: Another interesting design from the house of Kayseria. This pink apparel is purely design for teen age girls who want to wear bright colors. It has pink with the contrast of yellow in it. Pajama comes along with this suit to maintain the modern touch.

6. Blue and White

Kayseria collection 2013, Blue and White Print

Image Description: One of the masterpieces from the house of Kayseria. The design is quite unique and attractive. It has a touch of Pakistani culture from the part of Baluchistan. The color combination is best for this season, blue and white. It has short shirt with collar neck.

7. Black and Grey

Kayseria collection 2013, Black and Grey Print

Image Description: This black and blue color dress is the concept of modern touch. The combination is best and attractive for day as well as for night. The sleeves are full with the body fit pajama. It is one of the best designs from the 2013 collection of Kayseria.

8. Yellow and White

Kayseria collection 2013, Yellow and White Print

Image Description: Yellow color is the favorite color of girls. This is interesting that kayseria launch its collection with the equal ratio of girls as well as middle age women’s design. This yellow dress is simple but little designing makes this dress unique. The shalwar comes along with this is flapper.

9. Purple and Green

Kayseria collection 2013, Purple and Green Print

Image Description: Another interesting fabric from this collection. It has a combination of different shades. The prominent color is purple and with this other color printed in the shirt like green, sea green, yellow, blue and others. The shalwar comes with this is short pajama style.

10. Green and Yellow

Kayseria collection 2013, Green and Yellow Print

Image Description: Amazing color for this season. This green color dress suits best for this season. This is quite interesting design with the net sleeves. The front is covered with laces. The dupatta is also printed to match the combination of apparel.

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