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Top 10 Asim Jofa Lawn Collection 2013 with Convenient Tags

Asim Jofa Lawn

Asim Jofa lawn collection is very much famous among women’s. Asim Jofa is the certified Diamond jewelry designer from United States of America. He has amazing sense of fabric designing as well which could be seen by his collection. He started his career as a jewelry designer but after that he became well famous in clothing series. He is famous for using unique design and color combination in its apparel collection. His main aim to purely focus on eastern culture and he is successful in maintaining this theme in his collection.

1. AJ – 01 – A

Asim Jofa Lawn 2013 AJ - 01 – A

Price: 6,750

Image Description: As you can see in the above picture, this is among the collection of Asim Jofa lawn. Lawn itself is a very simple fabric but designer makes it unique and attractive. This dress has beige color shirt with purple contrast churidar pajama. The sleeves are full and different color contrast used in it to enhance its beauty

2. AJ – 03 – A

Asim Jofa Lawn 2013 AJ - 03 - A

Price: 6,750

Image Description: Fancy lawn apparel from his collection. This is black color dress with different color contrast used in it. The combination of blue, pink, purple makes this dress attractive. The dupatta came with this suit is also printed with clack and yellow contrast. This is colorful apparel from Asim Jofa.

3. AJ – 04 – A

Asim jOfa Lawn 2013 AJ - 04 - A

Price: 6, 750

Image Description: Simple and elegant dress for this season. The whole dress main theme is pink with the printed pattern in it. The sleeves are of multi color and multi printed fabric. Different pattern is used to enhance the beauty of this shirt. The shalwar came with this dress is also pink matching with shirt.

4. AJ – 06 – A

Asim Jofa Lawn 2013 AJ - 06 - A

Price: 6,750

Image Description: Every single piece is different from other; this is called design from Asim Jofa excellent job. The color of this dress is very much attractive and good for teen age girls. The base theme of this shirt is pink while the use of different fabric and print is also used to make it attractive. The dupatta come with this dress is with red shade to make this dress colorful.

5. AJ – 06 – B

Asim Jofa Lawn AJ - 06 - B

Price: 6,750

Image Description: Master color for this season. Yellow color is always the attractive color if it is designed well. Like this dress is awesome in it. The base of this dress is yellow with flower printed pattern on it. The pajama comes along with this dress is navy blue contrast to make this dress best. The dupatta of this dress is also multi shades to complete the color scheme.

6. AJ – 02 – A

Asim Jofa Lawn 2013 AJ - 02 - A

Price: 6,750

Image Description: Lawn is a simple piece of dress but Asim Jofa makes it attractive by his sense of designing. Who think that this simple light brown color dress could be so much attractive? Yeah this is light brown shirt with black pajama. The sleeves are full with printed design on front of the shirt. The dupatta comes with the shirt is yellow and blue shades to match the scheme. Different color is also used to enhance the beauty of this shirt.

7. AJ – 02 – B

Asim Jofa Lawn 2013 AJ - 02 - B

Price: 6,750

Image Description: Simple and unique design. Asim Jofa always tries to maintain eastern touch in its design. Like this dress it has indigo color base of shirt with different colors used like orange, green and dark purple. The front of this shirt is uniquely design which makes this dress different from others.

8. AJ – 08 – B

Asim Jofa Lawn 2013 AJ - 08 - B

Price: 6,750

Image Description: Lively color dresses from the collection of lawn. This is shocking and multi color dress. It has orange, blur, yellow and other color used to make apparel. The sleeves are full with the whole printed front. The front of this shirt is open neck with different fabric on its back.

9. AJ – 09 – A

Asim Jofa Lawn 2013 AJ - 09 - A

Price: 6,750

Image Description: After analyzing this now you can wear lawn for special occasion too. Many women’s think that lawn is for rough use, but after you see this Asim Jofa collection you will surely buy lawn for special occasions. This amazing master piece of Asim Jofa has green color base shirt with golden color pattern on it. The touch of red, golden is used to enhance its beauty. The dupatta comes along with this shirt is sea green and purple touch.

10. AJ – 10 – A

Asim Jofa Lawn 2013 AJ - 10 - A

Price: 5,750

Image Description: This dress should be on top among this collection. This is green with purple color apparel looking beautiful in it. The pajama is churidar with this apparel. The net sleeves are selected for this dress. The front of the shirt is embroidered and makes it best. This is one of the wonderful dresses from Asim Jofa.

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