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Sohai Ali Abro Gets High-Sky Fame By ‘Saat Pardon Mein’

Sohai Ali Abro Biography

The name of Sohai Ali Abro does not need any introduction because she is one of the amazing and talented actresses of Pakistan. She became famous in a very short duration of time just because of her flawless acting and elegant beauty. By profession she is model, actress, dancer and host, as well. She was born on May 13th in the region of Pakistan; she debuted her career from a drama Anjuman as supporting actress. She is an amazing talent of Pakistan has earned huge fame in just 2 years.

Sohai Ali Abro images 

Sohai Ali Abro Wedding

Sohai Ali is young energetic and beautiful, but she is too young to get married, she is just 19 years old hence she is not married yet not involved in anyone yet. She belongs to a Muslim family and obeys her rituals and culture obediently. She was born in Lahore but spend her life in Sukkur and finally, she moved to Karachi for her career.

Sohai Ali Abro pics Sohai Ali Abro photos 

Sohai Ali Abro Showbiz Career

Sohai started her career when the competition is very tough, but she proved her skills by showing her flawless acting and innocence. She started her career as a supporting actress from drama serial Anjuman; this serial makes her famous everywhere, and she earned a nomination in Tarang Houseful award. Until now she has worked in many drama serials in which Saat Pardon Mein, Tanhai and khoya chaand are her best ones. Her acting in drama serial ‘Saat Pardon Mein’ is the reason behind her fame because she worked amazingly in that drama.

Sohai Ali Abro with Shehroz Sabzwari 

Sohai with Shehroz Sabzwari

Sohai Ali Abro with Ahsan Khan 

Sohai with Ahsan Khan

Sohai Ali Abro with Maya Ali 

Sohai with Maya Ali

Sohai Ali Abro with actor 

Sohai Ali Abro News Stories

She is not limited to acting only; she has a photogenic face and posture due to which many famous brands hired her for photo shoots. Describing her is an honor, because, in this age, she is a well of talent.

Sohai Ali Abro images 

Sohai Ali Abro Interview

There are loads of magazines and TV shows in which her interview published and aired, so we try to conclude something in this paragraph. As per her hobbies she used to dance, loved shopping and to listen music. She is very excited for her upcoming movie Kambakht because it is her first movie in Pakistani showbiz industry. She is very happy with the revival of Pakistani film industry, and now she is aiming toward Lollywood and Bollywood also; she is looking for a good script with whom she can make herself prominent in the world of media. We must conclude that she is an amazing and outstanding talent in Pakistani media industry, her innocence, beauty and flawless acting making her famous day by day that is the proof of her success. We must appreciate her efforts what she is doing for Pakistani media industry until and unless she maintains her pride and value for her country Pakistan.

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