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Sidra Batool Is Found In Numerous Fields – A Skilfull Actress

Sidra Batool Biography

Pakistan is one of the nations in the world which has got a very outstanding talent in its citizens. Many of the world class icons who belong to Pakistan are found in various fields, including science and technology, politics, literature, sports and games, business, and entertainment. It is due to the extraordinary performances and the talents the icons have got due to which the Pakistan entertainment industry in been watched all across by many of the fans. Sidra is one of the famous actresses in the entertainment industry of Pakistan. She is one of the leading icons in the field and is currently progressing incessantly.

Sidra Batool images Sidra Batool images Sidra Batool photos 

Sidra is one of the Pakistan emerging actresses in the entertainment industry. Born on December 8, 1985 she is a famous icon in Pakistan’s entertainment industry. She was born to a Shia Muslim family in the cosmopolitan city of Karachi, where there is an appreciable trend of the entertainment industry; this is due to the environment where she got nurture that she got interested in entertainment. Sidra was in her young age when she started her career, which is now including in the most talented actresses of Pakistan. It is due to the support of her family and friends that she is successful in her career, moreover she is looking forward to having more success in her career. With the passage of time she got interested in the media industry, and it is due to her incessant efforts that she is got enough fame among the other fellows in the industry.

Sidra Batool Showbiz Career

She worked in various dramas as well as he has been appeared in various TV commercials for the financial institutions, additionally she has also worked with JJS productions. In her performance in various telefilms and plays, she performed very important roles. She has got a very much charismatic personalities, and she is very beautiful in her looks and she is very much attractive. Due to this reason Sidra is being watched widely by plenty of her fans.

Sidra Batool pics Sidra Batool bridal shoot Sidra Batool with Shaista Wahidi 

Sidra started her career in the entertainment industry in her early ages. She worked for many drama serials which include “Yai Zindge Hai” produced by Javeria Saud and Saud Qasmi, additionally she has performed in serial “Daagh” which is telecasted on ARY digital in which he has acted as a sited of Omama named Aatika. Moreover, her performance in the JJS productions which include “Khuda Dil Mein Hai” is another milestone in her career.

Sidra Batool images Sidra Batool pics 

She is widely known by her performances, due to the commercials in which she has acted. She has worked for several commercials that include United Bank Limited commercials.

Sidra Batool Interview

As far as her personal relations are concerned much less of it is found over the media. However, she has been widely known due to her performances in the dramas and the commercials. For all these traits and the talent, she has got she is now one of the leading actresses. We wish her best of luck for her endeavor.

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