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Servis Shoes – The Journey Continues on The Road to ‘Feel Good’

Servis Shoes is one of the popular footwears in Pakistan and many other parts of world, this company has started in 1928 and until now it has many outlets all over Pakistan. There design and colour are according to the latest fashion trend which attracts many customer toward it. Below are some examples of its latest design which reveal the varieties of Servis brand.

1. LZ-CF-0089

LZ-CF-0089 - Servis Shoes 

Image Description:

Stylish grey colour shoe with buckle and belt look on its front, the design is unique and comfortable. Bottom of this shoe is almost flat, price of this footwear may vary to have a latest price you must visit your nearest servis shop.

2. LZ-IX-0153

LZ-IX-0153  - Servis Shoes 

Image Description:

Eye catching footwear from Servis shoe designer, this is the combination of black, light blue and silver which enhance its beauty. You could wear this shoe on formal occasion; it is soft and comfortable with an average size of heel. Must try this in your lifestyle

3. LZ-IX-0156

LZ-IX-0156 - Servis Shoes 

Image Description:

Elegant and stylish sandal looks amazing in white and grey contrast, the use of ribbon on its front enhance its beauty. Height of heel is average and you can carry it comfortably, do try this piece of footwear which makes you stylish after wearing it.

4. LZ-IX-0166

LZ-IX-0166 - Servis Shoes 

Image Description:

Bright pink colour footwear attract many customer toward it, the use of bow on its front makes it more prominent. The material is soft and comfortable so that you could wear on any occasion. This is categorized under no heel section hence the bottom of this shoe is flat.

5. LZ-LX-0095

LZ-LX-0095 - Servis Shoes 

Image Description:

Simple and normal routine footwear from the designer of servis shoes. The use of different colour beads makes it artistic. The bottom is flat and you could wear in your normal routine life. The top is open and easy to wear. To get an easy do try this shoe

6. LZ-CF-0151-BRICK

LZ-CF-0151-BRICK - Servis Shoes 

Image Description:

Elegant and classy footwear from Servis brand, the theme is pink in colour with soft and comfortable material. The bottom is flat which could be more comfortable in your feet, the use of lace to tie around your feet looks really attractive. This is one of the attractive footwear from Servis designer.

7. LZ-IX-0159-BLACK

LZ-IX-0159-BLACK - Servis Shoes 

Image Description:

Smart and formal design from Servis, the theme is in pure shiny black colour with black strips on its front and silver beads are pasted on it. The design is not so eye catching but could wear on several occasion, do try this footwear in your lifestyle.

8. LZ-IX-0173-CAMEL

LZ-IX-0173-CAMEL - Servis Shoes 

Image Description:

Attractive piece of footwear with a beige colour theme, the use of bow on its front attract many customer toward it. The material is soft and comfortable; bottom of this shoe is flat which another good sign is for it’s comfortably. Currently, shoe without high heels are customer’s first choice.

9. LZ-IX-0094 RED

LZ-IX-0094 RED - Servis Shoes 

Image Description:

Sharp red colour shoe attract many customer toward it, it has a pointed front with an average heel. It could be wear formally on offices, wedding and several other occasions. The colour of this footwear is very bright and looks odd when you wear at day time.

10. LZ-CF-0076

LZ-CF-0076 - Servis Shoes 

Image Description:

Flowery pattern sandal is an artistic piece of design from servis brand, this light brown colour sandal with flat bottom could be viewer’s first choice. Use of laces to tie around your feet looks amazing with overall theme, this is another good piece of design from this brand.

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