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Sanam Chaudhry Appears In a Morning Show on HUM TV

Sanam Chaudhry Biography

Pakistan is blessed with talented youth, who with their talents proved to be an icon for Pakistan, like all other industries entertainment industry is no less than the talent candidates. They beautiful models an actresses debut the industries. Among all of them Sanam Chaudhry is one of the youngest and most beautiful models in the entertainment industry in Pakistan. Although she is too young of age but due to her talent she is famous among all her fans.

Sanam Choudhry images 

Sanam Chaudhry Showbiz Career

Currently she appears in the one of the most watched morning show on HUM TV show that is Jago Pakistan Jago; this is one of the latest news on her part in the industry. She has been an actor, designer as well as a model. In 2013 Bonanza has displayed Sanam Summer Lawn Dresses Collection. These dresses were very affordable to everyone and they were beautiful and stylish too. The summer collections were designed by most of the top designers of Pakistan and Sanam was one of such designers.

Sanam Chaudhry with Shehryar Munawar in drama serial Aasmanon Pe Likha 

Sanam with Shehryar Munawar in drama serial Aasmanon Pe Likha

Sanam Choudhry on Aasmanon Pe Likha 

Sanam with Humayun Saeed

Sanam Choudhry photos Sanam Choudhry pics Sanam Choudhry on Aasmanon Pe Likha 

Although Sanam has got a very natural beauty with beautiful eyes and charming skin, but makeup is what everyone likes to wears, and specially for young girls it is like must done thing.  According to her fans she does not look pretty when she wears too much makeup and therefore they recommend her to not wear too much of it, she is a young and pretty model who has entrenched into the Pakistani media recently. The dark pink blush on which she puts on her cheeks does not suits her therefore every one recommend her to put light blush on.

Sanam Chaudhry Was Born…

The young star has been born in the glamorous city of Lahore, which is one of the rich cities of Pakistan in respect of culture, food and dress. Sanlam is one of the youngest models who are emerging in the Pakistani entertainment industry; she was born on August 27, 1991. Her birth city is Lahore, however she lives in Karachi. She has been graduated from university of Central Punjab Lahore.

Sanam Choudhry 10 

Sanam Chaudhry News Stories

Sanam love to shop and she is a big fan of music, both her sister Zaib Chaurdry, who is also an extraordinary actress in Pakistan, love to go for shopping. Her features are very impressive, with the dark black and shinning hair, she has hazel eye color. This is the most attractive things she has got in her nature, and therefore many of the fans love her a lot.

Sanam Choudhry 13 

Although Sanam is of very young age, but she has made her name among the actresses in Pakistan, she has worked with many other personalities who are taking immense part in the Pakistani media. She has worked with big names like Ammar Bial Turqouise, house of Brands, Hitch Hickers and Ayesha Hamza.

Sanam Choudhry 16 

Her persistent hard work and dedication helped her to grow in the field with a specific speed, which if continued can help her to get in to the top list. With her charming beauty and talent she got he is admired by many of her fans across the country.

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