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Sanam Baloch Married? Curiosty with Her Biography

Sanam Baloch Biography

Most of her fans are anxious to know whether Sanam Baloch Married or not. Sanam Baloch is a Pakistani actress and television host. She was born on July 14, 1976 in Karachi. She graduated from the Karachi University. Her elder sister Sabreen Hisbani is also an actress . Her nickname is Sam.

Sanam Baloch Biography

Sanam Baloch at University

Sanam Baloch family

Sanam Baloch with her Family

Sanam Baloch Wedding

Sanam baloch is not officially married but she was center of attention for many scandals like having relationship with the president of Sindhi channel KTN. She was also very much questioned and abused by famous Pakistani actress NOOR for having relationship with Noor’s husband Farooq Mengal. Sanam always denied these types of news but still there are some pictures of her with all these scandal people.

Sanam Baloch Showbiz Career

Sanam Baloch is successful from the first day of her career. She was introduced to the showbiz industry by her cousin Fahad Mustafa,a great actor himself. She took start from Sindhi channel KTN in which she worked in two shows Sanam Ji Pasand and Diyoo. Sanam Baloch floodedUrdu television industry with the Fahad Mustafa’s plays Kalag. Up till now she has done 19 drama serials, 5 telefilms, morning shows and 3 music videos. She is currently hosting a morning show Subha Saveray Samaa ke saath on Samaa TV.

Sanam Baloch Morning Show

Sanam Baloch on Morning Show

Sanam Baloch News Stories

Sanam has been involved in many scandals the famous Pakistani actress Noor pointed Sanam Baloch for having relationship with Noor’s husband Farooq Mengal. Sanam baloch never objected or denied this thing on the screen inspite of asking. More news about her marriage with the President of Sindhi channel KTN is also in the circles but it was never confirmed.

Pics of Sanam Baloch

Sanam Baloch – A Jolly Gal

Sanam Baloch Interview

Sanam’s looks make her look like a Barbie doll even at the age of 36. She said that she prefers acting more than modeling and hosting. Sanam says that when her first play was on aired she started getting offers and calls after 1 hour of 1st episode. She praises and idealizes her cousin Fahad Mustafa in the industry. She gets nervous of working with senior actors and according to her she never trusts anyone. She thinks that our industry has very high energy, stamina and patience.

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