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Review: Bully Scholarship Edition Xbox 360 – Combat is Varied

Bully Scholarship Edition Xbox 360


Bully Scholarship edition Xbox 360 is very famous in the market these days; this game was released in 2008 from the most famous publishers Rock star games. This game has been available for all playing devices like Xbox, computers and play stations. The story of this game is unique and interesting, there was a boy whose mother and 5th stepfather went for a honey moon and he admitted to a school located in New Hampshire. Now the boy work hard in the school and you have to help the boy to get the success in his mission. The graphics and the concept of the game are really amazing for the new generations. This game could teach your child because it is a school based game.

Specialty of the Game

Every game has its own specialty; the story of this game is the attraction of this game. Including the specification of this game it has: more than 30 hours of content with 8 new missions, 4 new classes, 45 new lessons, 100 voiced characters and many other things which make you entertain all the time. It is a complete story of schooling system so that you could learn as well as learn the environment of schools and class fellows. According to the reviews of people they really like this game because it is complete package of entertainment with learning.

Bully Scholarship Edition Xbox 360 

Bully Scholarship Game Cheats

These cheats are only for Xbox

  1. For Grapple Gym moves

During game play hold left bumper, press up, left, down, up, left, down, Y, X, A, Y, X, A.

  1. All Hobo Fighting moves

Hold left bumper then press up, left, down, right, Y, X, A, B.

  1. Infinite Ammunition

Hold left bumper press up, down, up, down on the d-pad Insert the cheat again to turn off infinite ammo.

  1. Refill Health

Hold left bumper then press the right trigger 3 times.

Personal Experience About the Game

I also used to play informative games, when I came to know about this game I planned to purchase it. Instead of playing Xbox I played on computer and amazed to see the graphics of this game on computer. The graphics of this game is really awesome, the designer focused on every little thing which inspires me. When I started play this game it makes me more and more addict because at every moment I learn new things while playing. According to my opinion this one of the best informative game which has complete story and learning, I suggest you must try this game once.

Bully Scholarship Edition 

Customer Feedback for the ‘Bully Scholarship′

◘ Positive Feedback

Karen F. Nath says about the Action Game that ‘If you haven’t played Bully, let me say that you are in for a huge treat. First off, Rockstar was kind enough to lop ten bucks off the purchase price so this is being sold for fifty bucks, which is actually a steal, considering how much content this game has. Let me also dispel any notions of this being a “schoolyard GTA”, in fact, the high school that I go to is worse than this game is. You don’t kill people, there is no blood; the whole atmosphere is very tongue in cheek.

◘ Negative Feedback

Whizzer One says about the Action Game that ‘I recently started playing Bully Scholarship edition on the Xbox 360 and found the game to be an enjoyable experience. I did not have the pleasure of having played the original so I cannot compare it to that. I have however played GTA4, GTA3 through San Andreas, and many other open boxes like it, so I can compare it to those.

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