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Peshawar Massacre: The Killing of Humanity

Peshawar Massacre

The current massacre in Army Public School Peshawar marks as the black day in history of Pakistan in which 144 people have been martyred including 138 school children.

The killing started exactly at12:05 pm on Tuesday 16 December 2014, initially they killed seven people among which five where children. Initially six terrorists entered into the school who were dressed in black color, they entered into the school by scaling the walls from the back side of school.

As soon as they entered into school a heavy contingent of security forces and police reached the spot and the operation continued. Right after the attack according to the reports of AFP the Taliban militants claimed responsibility and the spokesman of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan said that the terrorists were sent to kill those students who are older.

The Army School in Peshawar is believed to have a total of 500 students and children, who were attacked by six terrorists. The death toll rose to 144 by December 17, 2014. The injured students were shifted to the military hospital and Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar.

Peshawar Attack 

It was reported that while they were attacked some of the students were having a session in the auditorium of school whereas the senior students of the school had their examinations. As the firing and massacring continued the arm forces entered to rescue students and many of the teachers and children were evacuated.

According to the eye witness Jamshed Khan they were standing outside the school when the firing started, at once there was a chaos and they noticed children and teachers screaming everywhere.

After 30 Minutes of Attack…

After 30 minutes of attack the Prime Minister issued an order to the all security agencies in order to save each and every individual from the Army Public School Peshawar. He also condemns the hideous attack on the innocent school children. During the attack along with the school children few soldiers were also martyred.

According to various point of views this reaction of Taliban could be in response of the recent act of Pakistan military forces, Zarb-e-Azab, which was initiated to strike out Taliban from the north western part of the country. This was supposed to be the revenge of operation in North Waziristan.

Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf Chief condemned the attack on the innocent children; he called Pervaiz Khattak the Chief Minister of the province to immediately take the action. Prime minister calls it “A National Tragedy”, after few hours of the massacred he left for Peshawar so that he himself can supervise the operation.

Meanwhile the tragedy happened in the Peshawar Mr. Raheel Shareef, Chief of Army Staff was in Quetta on a visit, and he cut short his visit and left for Peshawar.

The death toll rose to 144 people who include 138 school children and other teachers and some security personalities. While the terrorists attacked on school the children were celebrating a party, however some of the students were engaged in their examinations.

The hideous attack was mourned throughout the country. Three days mourning was announced in the province for this national tragedy. The day was called as Black Day in the history of Pakistan. The civil society condemned the attack, political laps and the bad governance in the whole country. This massive killing is not for the first time in the history of Pakistan; however the uniqueness of this attack is that only children have been targeted by the Taliban. The Taliban were believed to be Afghan Taliban who attacked the school. They were dressed in casual dresses with their long bread and mustaches.

In response to the attack the social media was flooded with the condemnation status updates, heartbreaking pictures of the children which were circulated with blood and injuries. Prayers for the departed souls were also held across the country, and candles were lit in tribute to the departed souls of the hideous attack.

Peshawar Attack 111 Taliban came openly and they attacked openly and killed easily, Taliban who neither deserve to be called human being proved how cruel they are. They killed hundreds of future leaders, they killed the hopes of hundreds of parents, they killed the humanity and they lit fire on the hopes of parents. They must be hanged to death in front of the public so that they nobody could dare to take such a step for the next time.

The Heartbreaking Tragedy

The heartbreaking tragedy received attention of the international as well. Many of the officials across the countries condemned the attacked and they sent messages of condolences to all the effected parents. Various schools in India paid silent tribute to the victims of the Peshawar attack today. According to the reports many schools and colleges in India observed two minutes long silence in respect to those who have been killed hideously in the country. The Indian Minister sent his deepest condolences and all possible assistance for the victims of the attack.

This is one of the most horrific days in the history of Pakistan, and the loss our nation is suffered with will never be recovered at any cost. Mothers are left crying, fathers are left with their crushed hopes and the whole nation is under grief of the loss.

These tragedies are due to the lack of the good governance and the negligence of the proper security systems in the country. No one known when will a terrorist will reach by and shoot us dead. Government needs to take steps to strike out the terrorists at any cost. In spite of spending such a large amount of budget on defense still Pakistan falls one of the countries where human life is not secure. We need to think over it.

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