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Parents and Children Relationships Within 64 Years – In 2014 & 74

The statement that I’m about to coin may sound too derogatory but the parents and children relationships is dropping to a low down and may one day eventually disintegrate! I do sound like an extremist but the chances of this are quite visible, not even in an infancy period, but are emerging out of the toddler zone into the puberty mode! YES, just like changes in a little baby over the years, every relationship counters newer challenges, growth, development or even demolition. Certain situations come into existence, which either aggravate the relation or completely create much of an annoyance and cause its destruction. Relationships are formed like blocks; we add up more to them through love, concern and fondness but sometimes our little carelessness may drop the blocks to the ground again wiping the whole block-building out!

Parents and Children Relationships in East

The relationship between the parents and the child does vary from place to place, religion to religion, ethnicity to ethnicity. It would not be wrong to say that the parent-child love remains same throughout the world. What I believe in, is that the way of expressing the affection may vary per culture and traditions but the intensity is almost alike. Middle-eastern Muslim countries tend to show the love in much of a Desi(local) style! They exaggerate every feeling and express it in a multitude. They keep a strong eye over their children, teach them the basic principles of their religion and even use force for its practice! Muslim countries tend to educate their children much better than the western countries because according to their principles, a child is first taught to understand the moral values and is strictly watched over whether he is implementing them in his life or fails to do that. Though, many of them fail to completely evolve the child’s character into the kid they dream to make. Because again, as the child grows and meets new people and faces the world, he comes across different cultures, traditions, and even learns chicaneries and dishonesty as the environment contains the good and the bad alike.

Parents and Children Relationships - Give values to their friends more than parents 

If we divide the society on the basis of have’s and have’s not, or simply on the basis of their monetary status, we see diverse sorts of raising systems. A rich person has all the luxuries of life, so always ends up providing the child with everything in a hefty amount. They always say being moderate is the best, so if someone has a little way too extra, he might deviate from the right path. For this reason, the children of the rich usually turn out to be non-compliant and undignified. This is the common story there. Whereas a poor person, lacks even the basic necessities so wholly fails in providing the essential, their children sometimes learn to be patient and obedient if their parents follow the same principles in life, or even if they do, the children might get fascinated by the bountiful luxuries available to the members of the rich society and consequently may adopt wrong ways to attain all that. Children in the eastern countries overall are highly mollycoddled, brought up like a luminary with a little way too extra care and affection. The children are maybe less under pressure that too again depends upon the monetary status. The one who respects elders is looked upon as an angel and hence this quality is taught to the children. Now it’s up to them if they follow it or not. But fundamentally, the eastern parents look up to their children as a source of hope for their future and expect from them; compensations and equal love in return in their old age.  Children also take this as an obligatory duty and vow to make their parents proud and share their burdens.

Parents and Children Relationships In West

The West shows another side to this relation where trust and confidence in each other is prominently exhibited. Parents completely allow their children to engage in activities they admire to be involved in, a little less pressurizing environment it becomes. The least they would do to punish the child would be to ground them for a day or two or take their mostly used stuff, a guitar or an iPod? Hence, children are a little less bothered about the reactions to their actions. Though, yes these are just the average cases, sometimes the children might be really scared of the outcomes too. Parents usually are involved in their own lives, house business or job, their own sexual life, dating and other such work, hence allow their children to create a life of their own and to live individually from the start. The fact that they can even call the police if their parent tries to hurt them physically is just another lousy benefit provided to them which they oftenly love to use.

Parents and Children Relationships - study in ebooks or physical books 

Parents and Children Relationships Now In 2014

At the current time, the relation between parents and children is on a decline. Or maybe towards the decline. Either way, the morals possessed by earlier children or even parents are to be seen nowhere in the current age. We cannot just completely blame the children for their illegitimate behavior, the finger when pointed goes way back towards their upbringing which directly involves their parents too. The modern age parents are quite liberal, less in morals themselves, this is immensely acknowledged in the elite classes where parents are way too busy in their own social lives that they pay less heed to their children which in turn live their lives the way they want to and often end up destroying themselves in the horrendous pathway of drugs and alcohol addiction.

Parents and Children Relationships - Parents must look after their children 

Children are more non-interventionist and are freethinkers, but to an extent where they cannot differentiate limits. It cannot yet be said that children do not look up to their parents or vice versa because even today, love and humanity still exists no matter how far the lines of liberty have been drawn.

Although, children are more caught up in their social circle. They would rather go out with a friend than sit with their parents and have dinner. Which is quite heartbreaking considering that friends and acquaintances are being given more value than biological parents!

Parents and Children Relationships in 2074

Oblivious. Yes, according to me as I mentioned earlier, it would eventually distort to a level where no images could not be further drawn out. Yes, the child would love and adore when an infant, but as the child will meet the world, see the traditions and the culture, he would catch their colors and become what everyone else would be. Parents too would not look after their children. Westernization is already empowering us Muslims, and in the near future we would start living accordingly forgetting our Islamic ideologies and ethnicity. Children would be highly liberal, uncontrollable, modern but also highly informed and up-to-date. Islam does not allow the disobedience of parents but we do not know how our future children and parents will take that as. My assumptions may also differ than the original circumstances, hence only time will tell the exact happenings.

Parents and Children Relationships - Youth have intruded in technologies 

Is Social Media Responsible?

What I basically think is, that social media is in no way responsible for this emerging change in our youth which is excessively affecting the children-parent relationship. The parents themselves are to be held responsible for this flaw, they are the ones who give birth to their children and therefore hold proper control over them since their birth, if the child is taken care of as a strict parent and loved as a humble one, then only can our children feel the true importance of a parent in a way which is quite safe and does not harm anyone. Balance is to be created, Islam has to be strictly enforced and followed by both parent and the child, values have to be passed on and practiced by both the child and the parent, only then can we expect a better future of this relationship where the child grows up to be a fully dignified human with the desire of becoming a compensator for his parents.

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