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Maia Mitchell – An Australian Actress Speaks in American Accent


Maia Mitchell Biography

Maia Mitchell is a very popular and beautiful Australian actress and singer. She was born on 18th August 1993 in Australia. Her parents has an ordinary profession, his father is a taxi driver while her mother works in an education system. Maia has one brother which younger then Maia and he is used to play guitar from his early age. She started her career professionally from the year of 2006, she is famous for her several plays like mortified, teen beach movie, the foster and others.

Maia Mitchell smile

Maia’s smile

Maia Mitchell Wedding

During the shooting of the movie “teen beach movie” she was used to dating with Ross Lynch to make a stronger chemistry in the movie. According to Ross, he said he is still single. In a magazine he said that Maia is two year older than me but her way of talking and presence made her cute young girl. Maia also admires Ross Lynch because he is handsome and smart and she admits that she is just a sweetheart. May be in the real life, they are not in a relationship hence we can say her career is free of scandals.

Maia Mitchell Random shots with Ross Lynch

Maia Random shots with Ross Lynch

Maia Mitchell Showbiz Career

Maia Mitchell used to perform in her school plays and in theaters but she started her career on big screen when she was just 12 years old through a movie named Mortified. This drama has 26 episodes with two seasons; this was a successful and famous drama serial for Maia Mitchell. After the success of Mortified, she again cast on another drama serial named Trapped.  Later on her caste on several different movies and her innocence and beautiful acting skills make her famous in a very short period of time.

Maia Mitchell on Teen Beach Movie in 2013

Maia on ‘Teen Beach Movie’ in 2013

Maia Mitchell News Stories

Besides acting in a drama serial she also acted in movies which was produced by Disney production, successful movies are Teen beach movies and the foster. Her movie the Foster is nominated for the teen award choice. She also used to sing for several dramas and solo songs; she has a wonderful voice and presence like a rock star. She is one of the beautiful talents of Australia.

Maia Mitchell with Ross Lynch

Maia with Ross Lynch

Maia Mitchell Interview

In an interview, she loved to sing for a movie Teen beach movie because she is used to write music, play guitar and sing as well. She also loved in working the movie the foster because it is very exciting. On discussing her past, she said that she had a tough and hectic past but now she survived and achieved what she want in life and still working hard. Maia Mitchell is one of the talented asset for Hollywood industry.

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