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Heart Diseases – Prevention is Must Before You Lose Your Soul


Before knowing the symptoms, causes and preventions of Heart Diseases let us take an overview. The human heart is the most fundamental organ which is responsible of supplying oxygen through blood to the whole body. It is a tiny muscular organ having a size of the fist, and is one of those organs which work day and night from the day of they start existing in the body, till the day a person dies. The pumped blood is responsible for providing oxygen while simultaneously transporting carbon dioxide and various along with other wastes products to their various destinations in the body i.e. the lungs, liver and kidneys.

Heart Diseases in women – Prevention is Must 

Etiology of Heart Disease

Heart Disease is a common terminology which deals with an assortment of chronic and acute health circumstances that directly influence single or multiple components of a human heart.

Diseases which affect the heart can either be functional or they can be structural. Everything and anything which has a negative impact on the heart like reducing the ability to fill, damaging itself physically, making it inefficient, or simply decreasing oxygen supply, will end with the disruption between the all the parts of the body.

Symptoms and Warning Signs

Heart diseases can be relatively stable, acute, transient, chronic maybe even progressive and trigger a number signs and symptoms that change and mostly worsen over time. Chronic attacks might have episodes with intensely aggravated symptom which might go away (themselves or with a little medicine), or else they might persist, and might even end up becoming grave. Most people with new heart issues may experience a few or very odd symptoms, like dizziness, breathlessness, regardless of effort, fatigue and maybe even nausea too. They might also be present with a number of other conditions like Dilation, , Arrhythmia, Inability to keep up with increased demands for oxygen and clearance of waste products, Embolism, Infarction and Insufficient contraction, Pain, frequently due to ischemia, Regurgitation, Stenosis, Tissue death and Ventricular hypertrophy.

Heart Disease prevention 

Causes of the Diseases

The risk of having heart diseases automatically increase with age. Men are more prone to have heart attacks than women. However, things like Alcohol, , Anabolic steroid use, Bacterial infection, Cocaine use, Diabetes , Hypertension, Diet, Injury, Smoking, Thyroid dysfunction, sometimes chemotherapy drugs or HIV/AIDS drugs, Viral infection and many more are major contributors to have heart problems.

Common Heart Diseases

Few of the commonly occurring heart problems are Coronary artery disease (CAD) and Coronary heart disease (CHD), part of a systemic cardiovascular disease (CVD) which is the narrowing of arteries over a long interval of time period due to an upsurge of fatty deposits that form plaques (atherosclerosis), which limits the blood flow, carried by the arteries and so decreases oxygen supplied. Although virtually undetectable initially, when it causes intermittent chest pain, the afflictions aggravate and their frequency increases over time, increasing the criticalness of the situation as a bonus. So when the plaques expands and becomes unsound, the shrinking of the coronary artery can also result in chest pain or even cause loss of a heart area or simple cause a (myocardial infarction) heart attack; these are called acute coronary syndrome (ACS).

Heart Diseases in men 

Congestive heart failure (CHF) forces the heart to lose its efficiency very slowly over an elongated period of time, so much that it is hardly noticeable in the start, thus circulating less blood and not filling or empting the chambers completely, which results, in the backing of blood in the various areas of the body, resulting in breathlessness, swelling and fatigue. Regular harm to the heart might eventually end with heart failure, mostly due to coronary artery disease, heart valve or high blood pressure.

It is important to understand the concepts on which the human heart functions, and it’s how’s, to study it so as ensure its longevity to the maximum, It is one of the most important organs of the body and any mishaps or damages caused to it reduces the overall healthiness of a person by a significant percentage. Smoking, alcoholism, stress and high cholesterol levels are the leading factors which lead to trouble in the heart, ultimately ending with cardiac arrests, or cardiac attacks.

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