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Heart Attack Symptoms ‘Right Time For Check Up

Heart Attack Symptoms

Heart Attack – Safety Measures

Deaths due to a heart attack are reduced to half in this decade; researchers have found a remarkable decline in mortality rate with respect to the cause, heart attack. But still much is needed to improve and completely eradicate this fatality. People still need to be informed and guided for saving lives.

Although no doubt technology has reached that stage, where when you reach the hospital with a heart attack you won’t die of it. A reversible treatment is always available for it. But it’s always when you reach the emergency room at the right time. And you will reach it when you know you are suffering a heart attack. Treatment is done when the disease is known.

To make you aware of, when it’s time to have a checkup; I bring you this article with the knowledge of all those symptoms that appear when you have suffered a heart attack.

Before listing the symptoms, for the sake of your knowledge I’ll explain what a heart attack is.

Heart Attack Symptoms

What Is a Heart Attack?

The blood vessels that connect to our heart are like tubes and they bring blood in and out of the Heart. The heart is a machine that pumps the blood and spread it in the whole body for supplying blood; containing oxygen, to every organ of the body for survival. The heart itself needs blood to work in a fine manner consistently without any gap.

To have a smoother flow of blood, vessels should be smoothed out too and with no obstruction. Whenever there is any obstruction due to some plaque or clot and that plaque stuck somewhere in the blood vessel, it pauses the blood flow or reduce the pressure of blood and a marked decline is observed in the blood supply to all organs.

To prevent any damages due to less blood supply, the heart works harder and enormous force of pressure is used to remove the obstruction and normalize the flow. With all this workload muscles of the heart, the machine goes tired and out of fuel (oxygen) and it leads to irreversible damage to the heart. This is what we call a heart attack. And if the machine is not restored it can result as a permanent damage to muscles and cause death.

When to Know You Need a Checkup?

Symptoms vary in every individual; one may not possess all the symptoms. If you feel any of the following you need to reach Emergency Room ASAP.

1. Chest pain

2. Shoulder

3. Neck

4. Jaw pain

5. Arm pain

6. Upper Back pain

7. Heart Burn

8. Sweating

9. Vomiting

10. Nausea

11. Breathlessness

Symptoms listed above are typically of a Heart Attack. I will describe them briefly here. In a chest pain, you’ll feel a squeezing sensation in the chest and it may radiate to your, shoulders, neck, jaw, then to teeth and causing headache as well. Arm pain is also felt; either right or left arm is affected. These symptoms may show up gradually or acutely.

Do not underestimate any of the above symptoms with your false judgments, as many people do, considering it due to indigestion, anxiety, stress or fatigue. If you feel any of the above, call for an ambulance immediately. Don’t drive by yourself to the hospital, you may wreck yourself, don’t let your relatives drive you even; you may get late to reach ER. Until you reach hospital cough harder as you can it will try to restore your heart damage. Sooner you will reach ER, lesser damage done to your heart muscles.

How to Prevent a Heart Attack?

1. While taking shower never put water straight to your head. Start it from your lower body and in the end wash your head.
2. Try not to put pressure while sitting or standing up, in a shower or anywhere. Try to move slowly.
3. Try not to do hard exercises.
4. Maintain your blood pressure.
5. Maintain your diet.

Take care of yourself because you deserve a healthy life. Share this information in your circle because everyone deserves a better life. Have a nice day.

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