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Hareem Farooq Leads ‘Siyaah’ – Gains Fame In Short Time


Hareem Farooq Biography

Hareem is one of the emerging actresses of the Pakistan entertainment industry. Although she started her career very late but she received much fame over the short span of time. Moreover, she is also a model, and producer. She was born and raised in Islamabad, whereas she has also been in Karachi and Lahore for many years. She is one of the young celebrities of Pakistan.

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Hareem Farooq Facebook Fans Say:

Her official facebook page has more than thirty five thousand followers. Due to her charming personality she receives unending love from her fans. Some of the comments of official fan page are evident of that fact:

Harru Khan said, “most welcome dearest <3.”

Lubna commented, “mashALLAH u r so beautiful love u dear.”

Hareem is very much overwhelmed by the love of fan she updated her facebook fan page with the statement below

“Thank you Every one for soooooooo much love! I’m overwhelmed!!!! I feel so loved! Thank you once again!!!!”

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Harrem Farooq Is a Cousin of Abdullah Qureshi

Harem Farooq is the cousin of Abdullah Qureshi. It was announced publically by him on his facebook page. Here is the status that he updated regarding that. “

This is my cousin Hareem Farooq, a very talented actor! If any of you have seen the play “Pawnay 14 August” by Anwar Maqsood, you might know her, AND you must have seen her in some TV commercials as well! LIKE her page for updates.”

Hareem faced a very severe accident six months back. Her car was badly damaged, as a result, of it, but fortunately there were no severe injuries received by her body. Now she is good at her heath now.

She is widely known for her better acting in Mausam, which is broadcasted on HUM TV. Hareem Farooq has lost much of her weight because she was conscious due to the reason that when if she will not lost her weight she will obvious get role of mothers and aunts in the drama serials. She expressed this in the morning sow with Fahad Mustafa.

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