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Fifa 14 Game – 13 was Pretty Realistic and It is Simply Realistic


FIFA 14 game is now available in market, FIFA is one of the most popular and demanding game in the markets of all countries. The developers of this game is EA (electronic arts), this game was published on 24 September 2013. In this version you will surely experience the real emotion of soccer which will entertain you at its best. You will enjoy many new features of this game; you can also feel the real tension or thrill of playing the matches. An award winning match is also available so that you can play online with your friend to feel the real experience. If you want to play this game on your computer than minimum system requirement is core 2 duo 2.4 GHz with 2GB Ram and 8GB available HD space.


Fifa 14 Electronic Arts Developed 

Specialty of the Game

There are lots of advance feature which will give you real experience of playing soccer. The player adjust itself to kick the pure shot in best possible space, the precision movement make the player more accurate, real ball physics will give you the real movement of ball which will make more realistic, protect the ball so that you could play with ball longer, teammate intelligence will give a better path to pass a ball. These are the basic and advance feature which will make this version more and more realistic. The graphics f this game is really awesome and it need Geforce 8800 256MB graphics card to play on your computer. This is the recommended requirement if you want to run FIFA 14 best on your computer.

Fifa 14 Game Cheats

This wonderful game has recently launch, so it’s difficult to find some useful cheats. Stay connected we will upload soon.

Personal Experience About the Game

I am a big fan of soccer and FIFA is the passion of mine in playing game. When I came to know about the release of 2014 I was really excited and went to the market and grab a CD for my computer. After installation when I start playing it I can’t express my feeling, I enjoyed so much by playing this game. The graphics, techniques, characters, features are really attracting and give you a real touch of playing football. According to my opinion this one of the best entertaining game in the market, you must try this FIFA 14 game to experience the real fun of playing soccer in your life.

Fifa 14 Game Review 

Customer Feedback for the ‘Fifa 14′

◘ Positive Feedback

David N. Habedank says about the Game that ‘I picked up FIFA 14 on launch day. Traded in FIFA 13 for it. After my first two games, I felt like I wished I still had FIFA 13. As a matter of fact, I had planned to spend my entire day Tuesday going hard on 14, and after two games put the controller down.

◘ Negative Feedback

Steve says about the Game that ‘Each annual release of a new FIFA iteration is a bittersweet event. The FIFA series has evolved substantially over the last few years, and with evolution comes tweaks and modifications that sometime greatly improve the game, and sometimes.

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