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Dragon’s Crown – The Neo-Nostalgic Gem


Dragon’s Crown is the new launch from its developers which are Vanilla ware. This game has launched on August 6 2013 and the producer of this game is Altus. In starting the price of this game is about 49.99 US dollars which is quite reasonable at this stage. This game is full of action which makes you addict of the whole scenario. As you can recognize the concept of game by the title of this game, this game is to revealing the history of dragons as well as finding the treasure which are hidden around them. This game is the right approach to reveal the dragon’s story.

Specialty of the ‘Dragon’s Crown′

Actually this game has an interesting concept of dragon, you have to fight with dragons, find them and side by side you have to find the treasure which could be hidden anywhere. This is a mysterious game which makes you addict. This is a full action and suspense game, this game become more attractive when you played with your friends through online via internet. The special effect and animation video of this game is really awesome and give you the true feeling about this game. It has an interesting story based game which will continuously connected you from previous one so that you will never feel bored.


Dragon’s Crown Cheats

  1. If you want to unlock the hard difficulty level, then you first have to play on normal mode finish them than hard mode will open.
  2. Likewise if you want to unlock the Inferno difficulty mode then you have to play on hard mode than Inferno level will automatically open.

Personal Experience About Game

This game is really wonderful, because the concept of dragon is really creative and makes it mysterious by giving task to finding a treasure. The animation and special effect of this game makes you addict of this game. The design of the characters is really good and the graphics is mind-blowing. When I tried this game, really I was not expecting this level of excellence, but Vanilla ware proved his quality and effort in the shape of this game. You must try this game because you can enjoy this game with your friends via internet which enhance the fun of playing it. Initially this game is available on PS3 and vita and both have same experience about this games graphics and other features.

Customer Feedback for the ‘Dragon’s Crown′

◘ Positive Feedback

Gabby Jay says about the Action Game that ‘Final Fight, Knights of the Round, The Punisher, The Simpsons, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, X-Men, Golden Axe, Double Dragon, and of course, Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara . . . any of these titles bring back memories-preferably fond ones?

◘ Negative Feedback

Brian Long says about the Action Game that ‘Dragons crown is the spiritual successor to Odin Sphere, and it shows. The story is very high fantasy, with dragons and major spellcasters around every corner, a paint palette environment that gorgeous and straight off a fairy tale, a whimsical musical score, and a gameplay setup that any side-scroller beat-em-up gamer

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