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Daaman Casual Collection 2014 – A Commitment By Maleeha


Daaman is an upcoming clothing brand for women’s wear, with a following of six forty six thousand followers on its official facebook and its growing day by day. It is a product of hard work and commitment of Maleeha Chaudhry a lump graduate from Islamabad who set up her business in Karachi and is currently making waves in the fashion industry. You can browse Daaman casual collection 2014 slightly below:

Look 1

Damaan Casual Collection 2014 1 

Image Description: This shirt has a very elegant and simple western cut. Straight lines and semi circled round neck. The sleeves have a small frill at the cuffs that give a feminine touch to this palest of beige coloured shirt. The daaman of the shirt is self embroidered with rounded corners that give it a delicate and modern impact.

Look 2

Damaan Casual Collection 2014 2 

Image Description: A very attractive and stunning shirt, because of the print on the fabric that is very aptly  titled as wild flowers. The simplicity of the cut has enhanced the beauty of the shirt. The folded cuffs look very trendy, and the front patch in print goes very well with the shirt.

Look 3

Damaan Casual Collection 2014 3 

Image Description: True to its word “Daaman”  has created an exquisite shirt,  which speaks volumes for itself. The  colour and design are excellent. The simple cut in the the style of kurta is very elegant and graceful. The embroidery on the sleeves is done intricately and painstakingly making the shirt beautiful. A very desirable creation by Daaman.

Look 4

Damaan Casual Collection 2014 4 

Image Description: Another imaginative piece of dress by Daaman. The contrast of black on red is very pretty. The embroidered patterns on the front of the shirt, sleeves and length adds to the imagination of the dress making it quite striking in looks.

Look 5

Damaan Casual Collection 2014 5 

Image Description: A very summery dress in lace, light fawn in colour, a motif of a bird and wild flowers in maroon that covers just one side of the shirt and the sleeve in front is finely done and perceived by the designer, keeping the dress simple and pleasing at the same time.

Look 6

Damaan Casual Collection 2014 6 

Image Description: A stunning jet black coloured shirt in chicken fabric, it has a simple and straight cut with just a bit of flair in the sleeves and the length of the shirt, a simple band at the neck goes very well with the shirt. This shirt is made on the principle of less is more.

Look 7

Damaan Casual Collection 2014 7 

Image Description: An innovative idea by Daaman. The top shirt in black and white printed georgette in the style of a casual shirt whereas the undergarment in the mustard colour. The see through effect is unique, and the simplicity of the dress and the cut make it very pleasing dress.

Look 8

Damaan Casual Collection 2014 8 

Image Description: A simple but graceful dress by Daaman, and no less in sophistication. A cool colour for summers that are the palest of the pale fawn colour. The cut of the dress could not have been more simple keeping in view the serene feeling of the colour. Can be worn casually or formally.

Look 9

Damaan Casual Collection 2014 9 

Image Description: A western style shirt is combining two colours of black and brown in print. Cut of the shirt is simple, but the design and pattern on the shirt are such which at once attracts. The idea of mix and match a printed fabric with a plane one has been successfully used to make an innovative design.

Look 10

Damaan Casual Collection 2014 10 

Image Description: This time Daaman has proved that, it has produced traditional dresses with similar excellence and skill. This totally eastern dress of an elegant kurta and a traditional churidar pajama can look as sophisticated and stylish as any other dress in a modern cut.

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