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Best 15 Nishat Linen Summer Collection 2013

Nishat Linen Collection

Nishat Linen is the latest collection for women’s apparel. Nishat was founded in 1951 as Nishat mills but now this gains a very prominent position in Pakistan as well as different part of the world. Nishat mills are the most modern and integrated textile mills among Pakistan. There is lot of series for women’s outfit, Nishat linen is listed among one of them. The fabric quality and print is really good. The design is classic and elegant which attract people toward it.

1. Blue and Pink

Nishat collection 2013, Blue and Pink Color

Image Description: Dress reflects the exterior beauty of a person. This amazing blue dress has a wonderful contrast with pink color. The design is classic and unique so that it maintains the style with some unique concept.

2. Chocolaty Brown with Multi Colors

Nishat collection 2013, Chocolaty Brown with Multi Colors

Image Description: Playing with color is not as easy as we think. Color combination makes dress attractive; this dress is also sober color. This is brown color dress with some stitching design in it. Little contrast in its sleeves to make it prominent.

3. Light Blue and Red

Nishat collection 2013, Light Blue and Red

Image Description: Amazing color especially for this season. Blue color is always attractive either it designed well or not. But this piece is design excellent, Nishat not focus on heavy designing work. Nishat focus to designed dress uniquely with stitch or some unique creativity.

4. Red and White

Nishat collection 2013, Red and White

Image Description: White color is always assumed to be the color of elegance. This white shirt with the combination of pink shalwar is really attractive. The sleeves design is flapper with embroidery on the end of its sleeves. This plain and simple shirt looks good by make it good with different things.

5. Black and Red

Nishat collection 2013, Black and Red

Image Description: Black apparel is the symbol of beauty if it is elegantly design. Like this dress it has black shirt with modernized stitch design. It reflects the Sindhi culture of Pakistan. The churidar pajama is come along with this piece.

6. Dull White and Blue

Nishat collection 2013, Dull White and Blue

Image Description: It is true that design makes dress beautiful. Like this is elegantly design dress with contrast of different color pattern on the bottom of shirt. The trouser comes along with this shirt is blue color which enhance the beauty of this dress.

7. Unique Orange with Blue

Nishat collection 2013, Unique Orange with Blue

Image Description: Unique orange color dress with the contrast of blue trouser. It has different color embroidery on one side of its shoulder. The fabric is quite soft and makes you feel good during summer.

8. Pink with Green

Nishat collection 2013, Pink with Green

Image Description: Attractive teen age color dress stands top in its beauty. This pink color dress with the contrast of green laces on front of this shirt. The sleeves of this shirt are full with art work on it. The fabric quality is excellent.

9. White with Unique Web Print

Nishat collection 2013, White with Unique Web Print

Image Description: A white piece of dress is unique designed from Nishat for its customers. This white color dress has unique spider web pattern design with multi color shades. This piece has available without sleeves. The pajama comes along with this dress is yellow in color.

10. Black and Pink

Nishat collection 2013, Black and Pink

Image Description: Amazing masterpiece from Nishat Linen collection. This black and pink color combination dress is best among all. It has black shirt with pink shalwar. The front of this shirt is printed with flower design in pink color. The whole theme of the dress manages well.

11. Green and Orange

Nishat collection 2013, Green and Orange

Image Description: Another short shirt design with green base color. The shirt of this dress is green in color while it has orange pajama. The shirt has printed with different pattern of different colors.

12. Pink and White

Nishat collection 2013, Pink and White

Image Description: beautiful dress selection from Nishat linen. This dress is the combination of white and pink. The pajama of this dress in maroon in color. The back of the shirt is also printed with some unique pattern. The shirt of this dress is also a self printed fabric.

13. White with Green, Red and Yellow

Nishat collection 2013, White with Green, Red and Yellow

Image Description: Multi shade dress from the collection of Nishat linen. This is white color dress which is self printed fabric. The sleeves of this dress are with multicolor fabric as you can see in the picture. The dupatta is also with the same fabric as of its sleeves.

14. Orange and Pink

Nishat collection 2013, Orange and Pink

Image Description: The selection of colors from Nishat is really amazing. This is pink color lining dress with the contrast of orange. It has printed design of flower on the front of the shirt with orange color. The dupatta is also orange in color with printed pattern in it.

15. Off White and Orange

Nishat collection 2013, Off White and Orange

Image Description: Amazing and unique master piece from Nishat linen collection. This is really amazing apparel among all. This is white in color with transparent fabric along with orange pajama. The shirt is printed with pattern in it. The use of orange and green color enhances the beauty of this shirt.

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