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Best 10 Mobile Banking Services By Trusted Banks – Anywhere Anytime


Banks Mobile banking is the system which allows customer to transact through using the mobile device. The mobile device can be a mobile phone or a personal digital assistant. With the help of it you can access your bank account anytime anywhere. This is the most affordable way you can reach your bank account. Following are the few banks which provide mobile banking in Pakistan.

1. Standard Chartered Bank

This service is provided by one of the leading banks of Pakistan, it enables the customer to bank twenty four hours and seven days a week. it provides three categories of services under the mobile banking heading, which are breeze mobile, SMS banking and alters. The breeze mobile banking helps the client to control so that they can do more with in the time, SMS banking helps the client to get the account transactions however the alert service helps to receive free SMS and email alerts of transaction.


2. Muslim Commercial Bank

The MCB mobile banking serviced helps the client to make payment, inquire account balance, and to view mini statement of the account, whether you are in office, or at home or elsewhere in the world. With billions in digital payments, this service helps the customer to make payment directly from mobile phone, irrespective of which mobile service you are availing.


3. Dubai Islamic Bank

Dubai Islamic Bank also provides this service to its customers, it has one of the most secure mobile banking services. This service lets its customer to avail the banking services any time anywhere. It provides one of the convenient banking services. The only thing you need to have is a mobile phone connected to internet. The security features of the banking protects the client from unauthorized transactions.


4. United Bank Limited

United bank limited also provides its customers branch less banking through its services of the banking through mobile. The only thing is to have access to the internet with your cell phone. The mobile banking follows the same security level features which are used for the internet banking in the Unite bank Limited. It is worth mentioning here that there are no extra charges for the UBL mobile banking, the only cost you need to bear is the cost of internet services you are availing.


5. Habib Bank Limited

HBL Phone Banking lets you access you account any time, you bank account is just a phone call away. With the help of the mobile banking you can save time and you are avail services of the banking without going to the branch. Well this service helps customer to get your account balance, you can get your bank statement, you can transfer your funds, inquire about the bank balance. This is how the bank helps its customer to go for the branch less banking.

Habib Bank Limited - Mobile Banking 

6. Alfalah Bank

The Alfalah Bank has also teamed up with the Warid Telecom in order to provide such banking to the customers. Since Alfalah is working in a number of countries in Pakistan therefore it would be easy for a high population in Pakistan to avail services and it would benefit many of the people. The service will initially help its clients to pay utility bills and in order to transfer funds. Well the transactions at an international level may rise up to certain level, over which it is not possible to make the transactions.

Alfalah Bank - Mobile Banking 

7. Askari Bank

Phone banking which is also launched by Askari bank has made the life of its customers very easy, with the help of the Askari Bank mobile banking now the clients can avail all the services without reaching the bank branch physically. It helps the customer as well as the banker to deliver more services in less time in a competitive environment. As the bank has been availing the best of technological services therefore this has added an another milestone to the technological infrastructure of the bank.

Askari Bank - Mobile Banking 

8. Bank Al Habib

Bank Al Habib provides this banking to the customers keeping in view the demand of the customers and keeping the competiveness in the society. It has helped its customers to decrease the distance between the client and banker, through the self service phone banking you are now just a call away, which ever service you want to avail you just need to make a call with which you will be served by the highly professional staff online. With the mobile banking now you can pay all your bills, you can transfer, can ask for the mini bank statement, and can keep an eye on the all the transactions which over your account.

Bank Al Habib - Mobile Banking 

9. Bank Islami

24/7 phone banking at bank Islamic has made tremendous effect in its customers lives, they are just a call away. They can help you out whole week, services are not even stopped on weekends. You can ask or file a complaint with only a phone call, however if you want to ask for any of the product details you can also inquire it through mobile banking. The banks promises to provide all the services on phone banking as it does on the branches. With the help of it you can make transaction and you can ask for the statement.


10. Faysal Bank

Faysal Bank the bank on ambition provides its best services along with all its other services. Mobit is the mobile banking being provided at the bank. With the help of the Mobit now you can ask for the account balance details, you can ask for any of the transactions. In fact it is a perfect mix of convenience and an easy way to control your accounts any time , anywhere. By using MOBIT you can make access your account, you can ask for the mini statement, along with which you can also transfer money, or pay bills and much more.

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