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Best 10 Internet Banking Service By Trusted Banks


With the advancement of the technology, managing financing and the banking is very easy now, with the help of the internet now you can easily access your bank accounts around the globe. In short you can take your account with yourself where ever you move along. The internet banking service provided is best due to its convenience and the simplicity. Now you need to line up outside the banks in queues and to wait for the turn. Here is a list of the trusted banks in Pakistan which provided best and secures internet services.

1. HBL

HBL Internet Banking

Habib Bank Limited provides this service to its customers, all the HBL bank holders can now access their accounts and they can inquire any detail about the bank accounts twenty-four hours a day, and seven days a week, which enables its customer to verify their balances, and get the status, monitor their account transactions. Well, this is also powered by the strong security measures which are followed by the strong financial institutions across the world.


HSBC Internet Banking

HSBC Pakistan also provides its customers to bank online. It allows the customers to bank online whenever and where ever they have access to the internet and whichever suits them. The customers can access their accounts whether at home or office. Well, the bank is preferred by many of the customers due to the reason that it provides online banking.  You can do transactions, pay utility bills, pay credit card bills, transfer money and view your account details through internet banking.

3. NBP

NBP Internet Banking

National Bank of Pakistan has also provided its customer the access of banking through the internet; it has made the life of the customers easy because now customers need not go to the bank branches if they need any transaction to be done. However, they can access account anywhere if they have the internet facility. Using the internet they can inquire balance, can get the statement of account, stop payment and the all other transactions can be done using it.

4. Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered Bank internet banking

Due to the security issues in Pakistan SCB has tried its best to provide safe banking using the internet to all its customers. Various advanced steps have also been taken by the bank to provide security to the customers and the guide booklet is available at the bank to secure the accounts of the customers who avail internet banking service by the standard character bank. Well, using it the customer can avail the services of bank anywhere any time.

5. United Bank Limited

UBL internet banking

United bank Limited also provides banking via the internet to its customers all across Pakistan. It has the most trusted internet banking portal which offers its customer a very convenient, simple and a secure way to bank accounts. It has helped its valuable customers to save their time so that they can enjoy their lives with better banking and easy life.

6. JS Bank

JS Bank internet banking

The internet banking provided by the JS bank helps to access bank account of its customers 24/7. JS online banking is the smart way to the bank. There is not a difficult way in order to avail its services, if you want to avail services of the bank you just need to have an active Visa Debit Card and a registered email address. This is one of the most convenient ways to have access to your account transactions and account balance. You can have access to your account anytime anywhere in the world provided you have access to the internet.

7. Askari Bank

Askari Bank internet banking

In pursuance of its dedication to providing the customers best of its services, Askari bank provides its services through the internet. This facility to all its customers is free of cost. The banking service to its customer is called I-Net Banking services, which is more convenient to the customers than before, moreover it is also more interactive and it has been able to provide best of its services along with the enhance security features. With the help it the customers can pay their utility bills, can make mobile payments, can ask for the mini statement, can inquire the payment details and make inter-bank funds transfers along with many of its services. Well, these all services are absolutely free of cost.

8. Allied Bank

Allied Bank internet banking

Allied bank online banking helps the customers to make their transactions and to have access to their accounts with the help of using the internet. Once the customers are connected to the internet they can have access to their accounts easily. It is worth mentioning here that Allied bank is the only bank which offers 100% online network. The customer can deposit cash for the instant credit into the account, make a balance enquiry, he or she can get a mini statement of the account and the transfer of funds from one ABL account to another is easier now. Keeping in view the demand of customers the bank strives its best to make the valuable customer satisfy and to maximize the productivity of their business and help them in financial management.

9. Dubai Islamic

Dubai Islamic Bank internet banking

Dubai Islamic Internet banking lets you access your account easily. Now you need not wait in queues in order to make your transactions in a bank on the counter, rather you just need to have internet access to make your transactions, to have the mini statement of your account and you can avail many more banking services at an ease. This banking service helps you to spend less time on your transactions, so you can enjoy instant access to your account from anywhere in the world and enjoy your life.

10. Barclays

Barclays internet banking

Barclays Internet banking helps you to access your account 24×7. Now you can take control over your finance very easily from anywhere in the world. The globally benchmarked internet banking facility gives the customer this opportunity. Well, you can carry your bank account around the world with Barclays Internet Banking. With the help of this opportunity, you can manage your finances at your ease than before. The dedicated and the well professionally groomed team is all time available to provide you best of its services. Well, this facility is simple and secure and is best according to the customers demand.

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