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Baby Malala: A Daughter of Shakira


To all those people who are praying and clapping on the 16th birthday of Malala there is a request that please save some prayers and claps for the Shakra, there are some years left for her to be 16. Shakra was 1 year old when Khasmat Afindi found her in the building destroyed, a little injured baby affected by the American drone attack. Khasmat Afindi, an American national Pakistani was in the northern areas of Pakistan with the medical mission team.

Who Is Khasmat Afindi?

She was not alone in the two other young children were also in there but none of them survived. They got relieve from the painful life where they are found in the waste dumps as a result of War on Terror. Didn’t know it was good or bad luck but Shakra survived but lost the identity of her face and hands. Khasmat Afindi tried his best to find the relatives of the girl but no one was found or it could be that no one wanted to come forward because I think today’s world is just something we never expected.


The little mark of American terrorism survived. Khasmat named him ”Shakra”. He tried his level best and provided him best treatment for 3 years in Pakistan and then took him to America with him. I think she is not beautiful than MALALA but before she was burned in the war of terrorists who portrait themselves as the flag bearer of peace, she was beautiful. She was beautiful before a drone attack burn her skin of hands and face. Shakra is now 6 when she see herself in mirror in some corner of heart she feels that she is different from other world in a negative way. She is living in a world that is responsible for her loss.

Oh! Shakra Doesn’t Write Diary.

We don’t know what Shakra thinks because like Malala she doesn’t write diary for Malala, she does remember the stone age by looking at the beard people like Malala. Shakra’s hard luck makes her a sample of American terrorism. Every girl of this nation cannot be as fortunate as Malala, that she gets shoot in the head and no sign of injury remains behind. Malala is a drama produced and directed by America and the drop scene of this drama was shooted in UN assembly where the 16th birthday of Malala was celebrated.

Malala and UN Relationship

UN always portraits its motive that education is for all but UN you need to know that to get education one must be alive. The children who die in the American drone attacks cannot get an education from their graves. Taliban are illiterate and stone hearted people and should not be forgiven, but America is worst than these people who try to portrait itself as the flag bearer of peace but is the worst terrorist of all. America is deploying thousands of people in Baluchistan to stop trade through Gawadar port. America knows that it cannot be ahead of China in all the financial perspective so she is using all these 3rd class tactics to stop China’s trade as China’s world trade depends on Gawadar port.


Malala in her UN speech said that in a result to Taliban’s attack weakness, fear and hopelessness died. Malala said that Taliban should be fought with books instead of guns, I totally agree with her instead of drones, bullets and bombs we should fight them with books and education. But who will do that those political people who are elected for our defense but are acting as counter defense agents.

Killing is now a daily routine of our nation. The more people die in a suicide bomb the more time we give to that incident which prolongs to maximum 2 days. Our nation is such a fool that it believes everything it is told. The Americans say we killed Usama bin Laden and buried him in the sea, this nation believes it and blames its agencies and army. Let me tell you ISI and Pak-Army are the only loyal and portrait pillars of this nation we should not blame them instead of standing up for them.

NOTE: Shakra is another Pakistani victim of terrorism, while on the images that is Shakira singer (who doesn’t know her)!

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