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Ayesha Somaya Lawn Collection 2014 – Latest Styled Kurtis


Ayesha Suhail and Somaya Adnan are two wonderfully talented lovely ladies. In just four years, the two of them have created extraordinary, fine and beautiful dresses. Each one dress appears to be a masterpiece in itself. Their skill and identity is in western styled kurtas, in which they excel. This is shown in each of their kurtas from in the Ayesha Somaya lawn collection 2014.


Look 1

Ayesha-Somaya Lawn collection 2014 - 1 

Image Description: A very modern looking and striking kurta by Ayesha and Somaya. The selection of the dark green colour and gradually toning down in lighter green, makes it very attractive along with the cut and style of the kurta. It’s an ideal dress for a summers evening.

Look 2

Ayesha-Somaya Lawn collection 2014 - 2 

Image Description: Another beautiful kurta in a blooming red colour. Very different in style and cut, in a mix and match of horizontal and vertical patterns. The print is also very simple and defined suitable for this delightful dress. Could be a perfect choice for a catwalk.

Look 3

Ayesha-Somaya Lawn collection 2014 - 3 - 

Image Description: This kurta in beige colour is absolutely heavenly. Very cool and summery, with a touch of pink roses, which adds colour as well as freshness to the floral pattern. The chiffon sleeves give it a touch of delicacy and femininity. It’s a dress with a formal look.

Look 4

Ayesha-Somaya Lawn collection 2014 - 4 - 

Image Description: This kurta has a very original style. It’s striking because of its concept. The mustard coloured lawn with sleek print on it, with fine orange lining underneath. The black neckline deep at the back. The cut loose and comfortable in western style gives it a very trendy look.

Look 5

Ayesha-Somaya Lawn collection 2014 - 5 - 

Image Description: The fluorescent colour and a collar on the kurta instead of a traditional neckline, makes it very different and a trend setter. Done in an ideal loose, filled style to be worn with tights or jeans, both for winters and summers.

Look 6

Ayesha-Somaya Lawn collection 2014 - 6 - 

Image Description: This is a signature dress by the Ayesha Somaya lawn collection 2014. They have displayed their talent to the full in this kurta. It’s a kurta with a western cut, for customers who go for continental designs. It’s perfect for summers and also as an evening wear dress and it’s a piece of art in itself.

Look 7

Ayesha-Somaya Lawn collection 2014 - 7 - 

Image Description: A simple kurta with light and soothing colours for the eyes. Being sleeveless makes it perfect for summers. The cut is loose in fillings but smartly stitched. The highlight is the turquoise neckline.

Look 8

Ayesha-Somaya Lawn collection 2014 - 8 - 

Image Description: This is a simple kurta but the best feature of this kurta is the peacock motif in the front of the kurta. The colour combination of this kurta and the motif is excellent. Peacock motif is done very aesthetically and is also in vogue. The colours have harmony in them and it looks very pretty, and is cool for summers.

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