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Arij Fatyma Got Divorced – ‘Not Had Any Personal Grudges Between Them’


It was only three months back when the American born Pakistani elegant star Arij Fatyma married to Faraz. The relation could not stay longer, and Arij Fatyma got divorced. The relation is ended after only three months. The couple was married on January 5, 2014, when the beautiful model/actress had her Nikah in the metropolitan city of Karachi.

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Although nobody expected such a quick breakup of the relations, therefore, it astonished their fans, when the news circulated over the social media. It is worth mentioning here that Arij Fatyma is one of the most sophisticated and the talent showbiz actress. The couple called it a quit, and the beautiful Arij herself post the news on her official fan page. The status reads,

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“Salam-I’d like to tell all my fans that my relationship ended just within two weeks of it. It was not anybody’s fault, but there were differences between the families. It was better to end it right now then have issues later amongst families after rukhsati. Please don’t jump to conclusions or say that it was an impulsive move because I, myself, know that when relations end it’s not a good thing but of course there must be a good reason for it. ALLAH blesses him and his family. I have no grudges. Love and forgive for the sake of Allah.”

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The above status which appeared on her official page is a depiction that the couple got separated with their mutual consent. Moreover, she also mentioned that there were not any personal grudges between the couples but it was due to some differences in their families. Therefore, it will not good to say anything about their relation. And the couple their selves decided to live separately.

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Hundreds of her fans are of the view that Arij has taken right decision, and they expressed their views to support all the way. They have also encouraged to be strong enough to handle ups and down which a person has to face in this world.

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Arij Fatyma started to get fame among her fans after she started her career as a model. Some of the drama serials which were debut include, Hamnasheen, Paree, Mar jaye hi to Kya, Mahi Ayega, Sabz Pari Laal Kabootar, Sabz Qadam and Hazaron Saal. Moreover, her performance in Meri Beti boosted the number of fans.

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