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Anoushay Abbasi Wedding – Got Married to ‘Ainan Arif’

Anoushay Abbasi Wedding

She is the most beautiful star with her innocence at the best, and cuteness at the best and the simplicity you must have never seen before. Yes, I am talking about the beautiful Anoushay Abbasi, who has just been married. The simple, cute, and beautiful Pakistani model and actress has recently been married to Ainan Arif. The couple tied their bond in the metropolitan city of Karachi, Pakistan. Their marriage was held in the last week of September celebrating the formalities of the event over the week.

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On September 27 Mehndi function was celebrated, in the following day on September 28 Baraat was held. However, their valima reception was held on the September 29. Their wedding was attended by many of the famous entertainment industry celebrities who have a close bond due to their professional bond. Attendance of the famous stars in the event increased its warmth and added extra fun with the splendid dance and entertainment. The cute Anoushay was dressed up in green and pink color. She wear anarkali frock which was fully embellished.

However, her husband Ainan Arif was dressed up in Shalwar Kameez, the traditional dress, over which he wear a waistcoat. However on Baraat Anoushay was dressed up in the golden color, the dress has dabka and zarri work over it, and Arif was dressed up in black colored sherwani on Baraat function. The couple was looking gorgeous, and many of their fans could not stop themselves to appreciate the beauty of the couple. The beautiful Anoushay has been contributing to the Pakistani entertainment industry over the last few years.

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Shamoon Abbasi Attends Her Wedding

She has a special attachment to the entertainment industry as many of her family members are attached to the industry too. She is step sister of Shamoon Abbasi and Javeria Abbasi. Ainan Arif is a resident of Karachi Pakistan, and he is the son of Taslim Arif Abbasi. Mr. Taslim is the former cricket team player of Pakistan. Anoushay herself shared the moments the precious event of her life. She shared various pictures on her facebook fan page. She updates status, “I wanted to share this precious moment with my fans so here are the pictures from our dholki last night remember us in dua’s.”

Other than the facebook account much of the wedding pictures are available for all the fans of the Anoushay. Much love and congratulations were conveyed to the newlywed couple. We wish them the best-married life. May God shower them with all His blessings.


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