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Agha Shiraz Sympathy Explores While Morning Show


Agha Shiraz Biography

Born and raised in Pakistan, Agha Shiraz is a well-known model and actor who has made his public recognition in late 1990’s. He falls into the category of the popular media starts in Pakistani entertainment industry.

Agha Shiraz Showbiz Career

Since he has started his career he is working very hard. Agha Shiraz has been very much famous due to his talent and charming personality. He plays his role as a perfect comic character in several dramas including Gullu Ustad and Chandni due to which he has earned enough fame among his fans. Like many other celebrities of the Pakistani entertainment industry he is also very much renowned. The fan page of Agha Shiraz on facebook has more than six thousand followers.

Agha Shiraz 2

Agha Shiraz Drama Serials

Currently he is working as a model as well as actor. He is also known for being serious about his profession. It was during 1997 when Agha Shiraz made his debut with Kashish-the first every play in which in he performed. This play was broadcasted on PTV. Along with that he is also known for his performances including Gardish, Direct Line, Black Mailer, Mausam, Mohabbat Ka aik Pehar, as well as Mausam.

He has also worked in the drama serial Bulbulay with Mehmood Aslam, Hina Dilpazeer, Nabeel and Aisha Omer, which is one of the famous comedy drama serial. He did not only performed in these drama serials however he has also performed in many of the advertisements due to which he is known to many people.

Agha Shiraz kid 2

Agha Shiraz Wedding

Agha is married and the couple is blessed with a son. His son was born to the couple in 2009. Currently they are having a very happy life. He is also very well known among his fans to be dedicated to his wife. May happiness ever remain with the family and have a blessed life a head.

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