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Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank Offers Best Services


Abu Dhabi Islamic bank was established on May 20, 1997. It was public Joint stock company. However it started operate a year later as on November 11th 1998. On 18 April, 1999, the bank was inaugurated by His Highness Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

The bank operates under Islamic Sharia’s principles and all the operations and the overall transactions which all are conducted in accordance with the Islamic Sharia Principles. Well keeping in view the needs of the society and the rising demand of the financial services the bank tries its best to provide simple, sensible, transparent services, moreover its objective is deal all the clients with respect and dignity. In order to more facilitate the customers the bank has started its internet based banking, which is much safer and it is more convenient as well. The bank introduces many of its products and services and makes sure that it will not compromise with the quality, and the clients’ satisfaction has been one of the more priorities of the bank.

According to The Shariah

The banking services which are provided by the bank includes the following points, the first and the foremost thing is its simplicity, it works for the mutual benefit, transparency is one of the more important aspect. It helps in making the right financial choices for its customers. The most important thing which though is included its title as well, is it provides all the services and products according to the Shariah.

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank Offers Best Services 2

Zero Percent Down Payment

The range of financial solutions provided by the bank includes car financing at a very low interest which is one of the most exciting for you, Al Khair Liabilities Settlements which is aimed to reduced to reduce monthly finance payments, Adib car Ijarah which is aimed to help the client get a finance for his or her dream car at a zero percent down payment.

The service which is coming up might not be provided by any other bank or none of other, but it is being provided by the ADIB, which is shared finance, if you are looking to trade in stocks, the bank can help you get your dream investment, which would all based on shariah law, the point to be noted in this regard is that it helps you to get shares from only those companies which are Shariah Compliant listed at the stock exchange.

The additional services provided by the bank are Tamwell finance, which is required to fulfill your marriage expense, which would include all the expenses related to marriage, shopping, rent or else. Additionally it provides educational finance, travel finance, boat finance and instant finance. Well, all these services being provide in a very easy way to take and return, you need not go through cumbersome conditions in order to fulfill large procedures.

You need not worry about anything, if you are worried about financing related to anything in your daily lives, don’t get afraid, just knock the door; the ADIB is ready to help you at the instant. This bank provides its best services at its earliest keeping in view the customers’ satisfaction.

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