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9 Top Medical Universities In Pakistan


For all those students, who want to take Medical as their undergraduate program in Pakistan, here is the list of best Top Medical Universities In Pakistan. These universities are HEC (Higher Education Commission) ranked and most popular Medical Universities In Pakistan.

There is a division in universities category as Private Sector and Public Sector Institutes. Private sector institutes are allowed to enroll 100 students per batch by PMDC. While Public sector differentiates in the number of students enrolled, they are around 500 per batch per institute. Many of the universities publish their whole program and fee structure only in their prospectuses. I have tried my best to include all the possible information about the regarding university.

1- Agha Khan University

Agha Khan University 1

Agha Khan University is an international university spread in three continents. Having campuses in eight countries Afghanistan, Egypt, Kenya, Pakistan, Tanzania, Uganda, Syria and United Kingdom. The main campus of AKU is located in Karachi Pakistan. Its number one rated university in all Medical Universities of Pakistan by HEC. AKU covers the whole eligibility criteria, skilled labs, interactive teaching style, extra-curricular activities, well-developed hospital and a perfect environment for students along hostel accommodation. AKU is a private sector institute enrolling 100 students per year. Fee package for specifically MBBS program is 750,000 PKR per year. It offers the postgraduate course as well.

2- University of Health Sciences Lahore

University of Health Sciences Lahore 2

UHS (University of Health Sciences) is a public sector University and is internationally recognized. UHS is expanded throughout Punjab, but its main campus is in Lahore. It is ranked by HEC at number 2 in top Medical Universities of Pakistan. UHS is a provincial authority of Punjab and conducts MCAT (Medical College Assessment Test). UHS is affiliating around 80 institutes in Punjab and test for all these institutions is conducted by UHS.

3- Dow Medical University Karachi

Dow Medical University Karachi 3

DMU (Dow Medical University) is located in Karachi and internationally, HEC and UGC recognized. It is a Public sector University affiliating Sindh Medical College (SMC), Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Medical College and Dow international medical college (DIMC). These three are situated in Karachi. This university offers MBBS, BDS, MPH, MPhil and Ph.D. DMU campuses all have well-established hospitals and well-equipped labs. Also, possess museums for medical studies. Student life is entertaining with several extra-curricular activities. Hostel accommodation is also provided.

4- Isra University

Isra University 4

Isra University is located in Hyderabad and is a private University. IU is not a co-education institute as most of the Medical Universities of Pakistan are. Girls’ and Boys’ classes are held separately. IU is affiliating two campuses Al-Tibri Medical College Karachi and Al-Nafees College Islamabad. All campuses own well-developed hospitals, well-equipped labs, and libraries as well. Isra Community is also running a trust hospital named Al-Ibrahim Eye Hospital in Karachi with Al-Tibri Medical College. OPD of Al-Tibri Medical College is free also. For particularly MBBS program, the fee package is 6 Lac per year. Besides MBBS, IU is offering BBA, MPhil, DPT and MBA courses as well. Extra-curricular activities are arranged for students. A medical journal of IU is released as well. Hostel accommodation is available for all students.

5- Ziauddin Medical University

Ziauddin Medical University 5

ZMU lies in Karachi and is a Private sector institute. It is PEC, CPC and HEC recognized. ZMU is attached with a popular hospital Ziauddin Hospital. ZMU is offering MBBS and Pharm D courses in their institute. They propose a fine teaching to their students and a great extra-curricular life. No hostel accommodation is provided.

6- Khyber Medical University

Khyber Medical University 6

KMU is a Public sector university and is situated in Peshawar. KMU is HEC and UGC recognized. It affiliates 10 medical colleges of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK). KMU is offering MBBS and BDS in their courses. KMU is HEC recognized university and works on improving the state of mind of students, focusing on humanity. A regular lineup of symposia, seminars and workshops continues throughout a year. It stands number 6th in top Medical Universities of Pakistan.

7- King Edward Medical University

King Edward Medical University 7

KE is the first oldest medical university of all the medical universities of Pakistan and 2nd oldest in Asia. KE is internationally and HEC recognized. It’s a public sector institution. KE is attached with three hospitals; Mayo Hospital, Willingdon Hospital, and Aitchison Hospital. It is one of the renowned universities of Pakistan and a dream of so many students. KE is offering Undergraduate and Post Graduate courses for numerous departments of Health Science, including MBBS and BDS. Hostel accommodation is available for students.

8- Gandhara University

Gandhara University 8

GU is located in Peshawar and a first private university of KPK. GU is HEC recognized and is ranked at 8th number. GU holds all those facilities that are necessary for a top rated medical institute. GU is offering MBBS, BDS, MPH, Pharm D, Nursing and Paramedics in their courses. Hostel facilities are available.

9- Fatima Jinnah Medical College

Fatima Jinnah Medical College 9

FJ is a nationally popular medical college for girls. It is situated in Lahore and is a Public sector institution. FJ is HEC recognized. FJ is attached with Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. Sir Ganga Ram led the foundation of this medical college. This hospital serves the whole city in a great manner. FJ offers BDS and MBBS in their courses. Hostel accommodation is available for all students.

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