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5 Tips – How to Lose Weight Without Exercise


This article is for those who are willing to know that  How to Lose Weight Without Exercise and with fewer amounts of physical activities. A friend of mine came to me and asked that how can he lose some extra pounds as his cloths are not fitting him anymore. When I mentioned to him some of the exercises, I noted that after listening to that, he made a perception that this will require some great deal of efforts and after that he went to his home with a feeling that he might not be able to lose his can lose weight without exercise

Now you may wonder that is this even possible? And the answer is a big YES. If a person is not that really into doing exercises, even then you can put off some of your weight by following on these easy tips. At some point, it is really important to be active in order to lose weight but still you don’t need to spend your most of the time at the gym and lose your other social and curricular activities. For losing weight, people also suggest to starve yourself which is in fact very wrong practice as it destroys the internal body for your desired results. All you need to do to lose weight is be smart and act smartly and bring some minor changes in your eating habits. After that you will get what you want.

1. Stop Taking Soda

Drinking soda has a very adverse effect on the body so you should immediately stop drinking soda. This is considered to be one of the worst things in gaining of weight along with other types of sugar drinks that looks to be harmless but they have a great role in gaining of weight.

2. Start Drinking Water

This also seems very in-effective but increasing the intake of water in your daily routine does really helps in losing some of your extra pounds. You should give priority to drinking water instead of taking soda and other sugar drinks. It makes a great difference to what you are taking in form of liquid. Replacing just one ingredient changes the taste of the dish completely which is similar in the case of losing weight. Stop drinking soda and start drinking water then you will see the difference yourself.

3. Take Bread out of your Meal

Having bread in your meal plans can surely add some packs of calories in your body. If it is very important to have bread then go for the wheat bread only. And if having wheat bread is not possible then take one slice of white bread and fold it to make your sandwich, in short, take no or very less amount of bread.

4. Control Your Meal Size

As they say, size does matters. In the same way, you should not eat your every meal as it is going to be the last meal of your life. Eat for living, don’t live for eating. It is much easy to have small portions of meal in a less number on daily basis that will help in reducing the intake of calories and will eventually help in reducing weight.

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5. Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

After reducing your meal size, still if you feel that you are not full yet then take either fruits or vegetables. Besides being good for health, fruits and vegetables help in providing core vitamins and minerals instead of stuffing a person with huge amount of calories.

So these are some of the easy tips that don’t require huge physical workouts and are not time taking practices to reduce weight. So keep these tips in your mind, keep practicing them and see the result for yourself.

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