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4 Foods to Avoid: Kill Your Natural Beauty

Let’s take a test on natural beauty? Do you really think that you are naturally beautiful? Then answer these questions:

  • Are you perfect considering your features and skin?
  • Do you have a perfect weight?
  • Are you taking a perfect diet plan?
  • Are you trimmed into a perfect shape?
  • Does your skin glow even without makeup?

So, what result you have concluded from these questions? If No, then never stop here and scroll down to read what is lacking?

A person who needs no artificiality to look pretty much good to eyes is called as a natural beauty. What are the natural ways to look good and handsome, is the main question?

Do you know that whatever food you are taking affects your beauty in some way or other? Let’s have detailed reviews on that.

Your skin and complexion take many turns with respect to the diet plan that you are following. You may get over-weight or under-weight by having unbalanced food items. I am going to mention some top food item list that kills your beauty making you dull and less attractive.

4 Foods Are Dangerous for Your Natural Beauty

Here are the four foods that kill your beauty while having very good and tempting flavors. You may call these foods as “MEETHI CHURI” that hates your beauty. Let’s start with a very famous and most favorite thing of everyone:

1) French Fries


French fries are deep fried food containing so much oil that gets clogged into the stomach and arteries. This oil is not good for your skin and unbalanced PHP of your skin making it oily and causing acne and pimples. Another drawback is that, the potatoes used in it contain too much fat that may increase your weight.

2) Cheese


Cheese is cheese that never let you leave. It plays with your skin complexion as it is one of the dairy products which have been so much into testosterone. That is the reason behind getting breakouts after eating pizza full of cheese.

3) Alcohol


Alcohol snatches all water away from your skin making your skin dry and dull. The chemicals used in it remain stuck into your stuck even after digestion which is a hell dangerous.

4) Pasta


Having pasta can cause acne on your skin while making you out of your shape. It usually increases glucose and insulin level so one should avoid eating it regularly.

These foods bring a temporary flavor but kill your beauty. Your skin may get rough, dull, too oily, acne; pimples, eczema, or you may get out of your body size so, avoid taking them regularly. Food gets passed out of your body but leaves a certain unhealthy mark both internally and externally. Now, you have to decide whether you want to be a perfect beauty or you are ready to sacrifice your natural beauty for this kind of yummy foods.

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