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11 Reasons of Stubborn Belly Fat Formation


It is an invincible fact that we all are living today in the modern world where the biological and scientific research has reached to the precipice from where every human being irrespective of their liking and disliking, can get the benefit and guidance of its outcome, making their life comfortable and easy. On the other way round they have the full liberty to choose to pass their lifestyle with full of hardship and exercise of making their body trimmed, tidy, look wise beautiful and smart or with that of ease and lethargy life irrespective how they look like least bother on their good body posture.

Today you will find us discussing the topic of stubborn belly fat for those who had adopted   in the past easy life and helped a lot in piling up stubborn belly fat in their body; now they realized and accept their fault for passing their life lavishly and like to stand up on those who had been strenuously making efforts for making their body trimmed, fit, and smart. We believe, our reader must also be interested in cultivating their views what are those methods and means that may help you creating a way for look better.

The subject is tricky and you have to concentrate a bit more in regard to making you understand and reaching up to its nitty-gritty of stubborn belly fat formation and controlling thereof. It all depends on individual’s metabolism how does it work; if it is slow and your diet is rich; naturally you like to move on storing fat, or the other way round your metabolism is fast and your diet is controlled you will less likely move on to storing the fat. Fat mass does not uniformly store all over the body. There are a deposition rate and burn pattern to your fat of the body. There are some places like belly which store fat more than the other; similarly there are some places like belly which consume or burn fat more slowly than the other. We believe our reader must now be aware of the fact why the fat deposition only does occur at the belly.

Stubborn Belly Fat Formation

Whatever we discussed in the preceding paragraph that was limited to mechanism mainly up to women; in the case of man the case is the bit different. The fat is more prone to deposit and to a higher degree in abdomen area viscera. The visceral fat actually burns quickly and this is the reason why your waist measurement can decrease dramatically without your abs becoming visible. The fat above your abs is generally known as stubborn fat and it takes a longer time to burn off completely than the other area and as such why your abs are the last thing to show when you are dieting down. Now we will try to discuss the reason of formation stubborn belly fat.

The Reason of Formation Stubborn Belly Fat

1. A poor food choice is considered to be a top cause of belly fat. There are some foods that contain a high fat content, and they likely to enhance belly fat. These may include fried foods, fast foods, ice-cream, sugary beverages, and juices. Refined carbs or bad carbs slow digestion, increase fat accumulation in the stomach. Moreover, consumption of alcoholic beverages increases belly fat, as alcohol decreases the body’s ability to burn stored fat in the abdomen.

2. In the absence of physical activity may also help information of belly fat especially in men and older people. This may happen because of lethargy attitude, the body cannot burn this stored fat, resulting in a bigger stomach.

3. Stress and anxiety that contributes formation of belly fat. When under stress, the body produces a high level of the hormone Coriolis. This is produced by the adrenal gland, and it normally affects fat distribution. An increase in this hormone may result in an appetite increase. Thus, there is a chance to consume additional calories while dealing with a stressful incident. If leading an inactive life, calories convert into fat, and this fat naturally deposits in the belly.

4. Women who have reached menopause age are more likely to get belly fat because their bodies start to store fat mostly around the midsection. Medications of birth control pills and prescription steroids may cause fluid preservation. Fluid retention often occurs at the area of the abdomen, and sufferers may appear to have belly fat. Living with a continual gastrointestinal trouble can cause slow digestion and fat buildup in the stomach.

5. If you are really interested in having a flat tummy and like to wear your favorite saree or some figure- hugging dress but you are bothered about your saggy stomach bulging out. Well, you will be having the only option. While you cannot reduce the fat, you may reduce or lose your belly fat by decreasing your total body fat percentage. Moreover, you do not like to completely change your daily habits for having flat stomach within seven days time period.

Stubborn Belly Fat Reasons

6. Better you lie down on a straight floor with your hand below your head. Try to perform standard sit up, and start rocking your legs toward your head and then take it back to original position. Simultaneously you are to make some efforts lifting up your head off the floor. If you cannot do that better you roll your legs from floor to ceiling. Keep continue it 10 -15 time daily.

7. Try to stand up straight in line with your hips, raise your left arm towards the ceiling, shift your left toe towards right, Lift up your right legs up to your hips turning your toes out, and crunch your right elbow and right knee together pinching your waist. Keep doing 10-15 times

8. Better you lie down on a straight floor with your knees bent towards the chest, place your arms stick straight on the floor, and lift your back up to the knee pointing it out upwards keeping your belly muscle firm and tight. Hold this position 8-10 second or even more. Keep doing 10-15 times.

9. Lie down straight on the floor bending your leg up to 90 degrees wedging your hand lower below your back. Lower down your one leg up to the floor and then lift it up to 90 degrees, the same action is to repeat on the other leg in turn. Keep doing it 20 times.

10. Lie down back on the floor, with your knee bent, feet flat on the ground. Lift up your leg in turn making an angle 90 degrees with floor keeping your one arm on the belly while the other arm sticking with the floor. Now pull the stomach muscle in. Then open the leg as far as you can without puffing out your belly, and then close your legs. Keep doing 10- 15 times.

11. Lie down on the back on a straight floor extending arms overhead and legs stretching out straight. Keeping the body firm lift your arm and legs six inches above the floor and hold the position for 15 seconds or more. Try to roll your body keeping your arms and legs off the ground. The position is such as if you are flying. Keep doing it as more as you can.

12. Lie down on the back on the straight floor with your knee bent, feet flat on the ground and arm straight and stick with the ground. Take a deep breath and exhale slowly keeping your pelvis area up, making yourself a diagonal shape. Take another breath and do the same exercise. Do it for ten times.

No matter either you are girl or boy, stubborn fat is really a big problem in our generation this is because in our life shortage of physical activities. Due to belly fat we felt like a prison in our own body to get rid of this you should your diet which is healthy in protein because protein cut the fat and produce a mass in your body which makes your body quite stiff. Do exercise to give shape.

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