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10 Surprising Facts: Keira Knightley The Hole


Do You Know About Movie The Hole?

The Hole is one of the great movies of the Hollywood entertainment industry which was released in 2001. Having classified as the horror and mystery this film has a total run time of 102 minutes starring the most talented personalities of the Hollywood industry. Following are the top ten facts of the famous movie The Hole.

Fact #1:

This movie is directed by the famous director Joe Donte. Joseph Dante whose is commonly known as Joseph Dante is an American editor, actor, producer and a film director who is best known for his mix of fantastical storylines.

Fact #2:

This film stars Haley Bennett, Chris Massoglia, and Teri Polo. Teri Polo being one the talented actress of American film industry currently appears on the famous series The Fosters on ABC since 2013. Chris Massoglia is a young motion picture and American television actor born in 1992, whereas Haley Bennet is a famous personality who is a singer and actress who has been active since 2007.


Fact #3:

This movie is based on the four teenagers who explore a hole in a British private school probably which were created decades ago. This hole was sealed in a way it was impossible to explore it easily.

Fact #4:

This horror story was written by the two famous writers Ben Court and Guy Burt. Budgeted as $12 million, this movie hits the box offices at $10, 362,785.

Fact #5:

In Vancouver, Canada, on December 5, 2008, The Hole began its shooting in 3-D. The actual theme of this film is to explore the secrets and the fears which are buried in the human mind deep down.

Keira Knightley The Hole 5

Fact #6:

Keira Knightley The Hole, who is an English singer and actress began her career on television as a child. She made her debut in 1995. She was born on March 26, 1985 in London, United Kingdom, who will be appearing in her upcoming movie Everest.

Fact #7:

The Hole has some scenes with awkward plots of nudity. After she appeared on The Hole in a nude scene, it has not been a big deal for Keira Knightley to appear on the screen as nude showing her body parts openly. The explicit love scenes and screen nudity has never been an issue for the Keira Knightley. When she appeared in The Hole as nude for the first time, she was only 15 years old. Since then, she is seen on various stages as naked and topless.

Keira Knightley The Hole 8

Fact #8:

Keira Knightley The Hole also appeared in many of the other films. She appeared as a tic-ravaged and a hysterical mental patient having severe masochistic tendencies who has been involved sexually with Dr. Carl Jung, who is a psychoanalyst.

Fact #9:

According to the Rotten Tomatoes film review aggregator The Hole gathered many of the positive reviews. The Hole received 80 percent of the positive reviews, which was based on the sample of 34. The average rating of the positive reviews 6.4.

Fact #10:

During the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival the film premiered. However, in the summer of 2010, The Hole has its theatrical release. During the Cannes Film Festival 2010, the film was screened.

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