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10 Interesting Facts: Tom Felton and Emma Watson

Beautiful couples have beautiful stories. Emma Watson and Tom Felton, who were the co-stars in Harry Potter, have a unique story. Their love story dates back to the time when they were. Young enough when they were in their early teen ages, and we can say that they have their childhood love.

We are up with the list of interesting things about the beautiful couple. Hope you enjoy, here you go.

Tom Felton and Emma Watson Facts;

Fact #1: Emma Watson who is most beautiful and a talented actress met Tom Felton first on the set Harry Potter; it was a time when she was school student.

Fact #2: She was only 12 years old, when Emma had a crush her co-star Tom Felton in The Harry Potter.

Fact #3: Emma Watson and Tom Felton have a perfect height combination; she is 5.5” and he is 5.9” tall.

Fact #4: The astrological stars of both the celebrities are in an ideal too with each other, Tom is Virgo whereas Emma is Aries.

Tom Felton and Emma Watson 1 Tom Felton and Emma Watson 2 

Fact #5: It was few years back when Emma revealed that when she was at the age of 10 to 12 she had a crush on Tom Felton, she told that she was heartbroken because her love for him was unrequited. Seems probably Tom is a cold hearted person, he would have taken care of Emma! Much hilarious!

Fact #6: Tthe most interesting fact about their early love story was revealed by Emma only few years back. Emma revealed that at the time when she had a crush on him, she used to go in the morning so see the call sheet if he is going to be there every day. She also told that at that time he was a bad guy, and he did not give a heed to him.

Fact #7: At the time when she had a crush on Tom, Emma was much heartbroken. Tom had not the same feeling as she had for him, he always considered him in a sisterly way, which broken her.

Tom Felton and Emma Watson 3 

Fact #8: In 2011 Tom Felton and Emma Watson hit the famous MTV movie Award for Harry Potter. Both the celebrities were seen on red-carpet interviews. It was one of the successes in their career. They earn much fame over this success.

Fact #9: Both the Hollywood stars were seen at many of the occasion together.

Fact #10: It is interesting to know that even after their childhood love story with Tom Felton. Emma Watson was reported to be single in 2014.

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