Worth Knowing Olive Oil Benefits – Handy and Hidden

There are immense olive oil benefits. In recent years scientific investigation has turned towards this substance which can very rightly be regarded as liquid gold due to the numerous benefits that it has to offer. Olive tree is believed to be a gift for humanity from goodness Athena. Thomas Jafferson has also declared olive oil to be the richest gift of heaven. Not only is olive oil used in food items bit also very beneficial in personal care, home improvements, natural remedies and green cleaning.

Useful Olive Oil Benefits

Olive Oil is an Essential Component

Olive oil has always been an essential component of Mediterranean diet and it is due to this reason that Mediterranean diet has been classified by many scientists as one of the healthiest diets in the world. Olive oil is a cure for many diseases. It strengthens our immune system which helps our body to guard against many viruses. A disease like cancer can also be cured and prevented by using olive oil.

A substance in olive oil known as phytonutrient dimnishes the inflammation which than reduces the risk of breast cancer and also its recurrence.One of the most fatal forms of skin cancer includes Malignant melanoma. This type of cancer can also be slowed down by taking olive oil daily as this contains antioxidants which helps the body fight against such diseases. Other elements of olive oil such as squalene and lignans are also under scientific research for their effects in treating cancer. Recent studies show that olive oil can help prevent a number of heart diseases. Taking two spoons of olive oil daily can significantly reduce a person’s chances of having a stroke and heart attack.

Olive oil also lessens systolic and diastolic blood pressure if consumed regularly. Olive oil consists of polyphenols which keeps ones LDL cholesterol under control this helps to prevent a number of heart diseases. It is known facts that as a person grows older the heart also ages and the arteries may also not function as well as they used to. This can lead to many heart problems. If however a person keeps olive oil an essential part of their diet this can reduce the heart’s aging process. Thus olive oil keeps your heart young and healthy.

Olive Oil Benefits healthy for your health

Olive Oil Uses Other then Preventing Diseases

Olive oil also has a number of uses other than preventing and curing diseases. It can easily be used to keep the wooden furniture in your house clean. Two parts of olive oil mixed with one part of lemon juice can be used to polish your furniture. Not only can this mixture polish wooden furniture and goods but can also be used to clean leather products. Stuck zippers can be a pain and so olive oil can also be used if you are having this problem with one of your zippers. Just put some olive oil on the teeth of the zipper and than softly move the zip, it will be back to normal.

Olive oil is a rich and valuable gift from nature and although many food lovers don’t use it, its benefits cannot be denied. Olive oil benefits are countless and it helps a people in keeping themselves healthy. Certain quantity of Olive oil should thus be included in everyone’s daily diet so as to safeguard the body against a number of diseases.

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