Windows 8 System Requirement – Is It Avail for You?

Basics of The Windows

Windows is a personal computer OS system which is design by Microsoft; it is necessary to aware about the windows 8 system requirement so that you make it run on your desired computers. After so many processes Windows 8 finally released on October 2012.

Windows 8 has obviously some advance feature in which, faster startup which is based on UEF or hybrid boot, it has new lock screen which is equipped with stylish clock, it has native live support for USB 3.0 due to which you could transfer the data faster than USB 2.0.

Windows 8 System Requirements

Things To Know About Windows 8

The important thing is the system requirement by which windows 8 is compatible, here we are mentioning the minimum requirement so that maximum people could aware the facility of windows 8. 1 GHz processor clock rate IA-32, memory should be 1 GB for IA-32,  graphics card should be direct X 9.0, hard disk space should be 16GB for IA-32. These are the minimum requirement, if you have a computer or laptop higher configuration then above it will be best for your computer to run windows 8.

What’s The Windows 8 System Requirement?

The desired requirement for windows 8 are X64 architecture processor, RAM should be 4GB, graphics card should be Direct X 10 graphics device, screen display 1366 x 768 pixels, input device should be multi touch display screen. These are the basic requirement by which you could enjoy the window 8 at its best. The windows 8 is comes up with 32 and 64 bit which is compatible with various system, so try to install best compatible version for your computer.

Windows 8

The actual price of licensed version of Windows 8 is approximately 200 $ which could varies according to specification. Microsoft also offers and upgrade program through which you can upgrade licensed window 7 to windows 8 in just 15 $. Those computers who has built-in windows 7 and want to upgrade could avail this offer.

According to the users of windows 8, they appreciate the feature, theme and appearance of windows 8. Hence we can easily say that, windows 8 win the heart of users by its unique and attractive style.

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