Where to Buy Sushi Grade Fish? Top 10 States Find The Best

Answering to The Query; Where to Buy Sushi Grade Fish?

Are you planning to have sushi for dinner tonight? Thinking where to buy sushi grade fish? What should it look like? Are you going through many such questions for selecting best fish for your dish? Here are the answers to all.

Sushi is a Japanese dish made of vinegar flavored rice along with raw fish and some vegetables. For a fish to be taken raw it should be fresh and stomach friendly. There are many sushi grade fish labeled out in market but as there are no standard for this you can’t only relay on the label.

Best is to buy a fish fillet from a quality fish monger as he can tell you which is best to be taken raw. He may guide you to variety other than tuna and salmon as;

  • octopus
  • whale meat
  • shrimp
  • yellowtail
  • puffer fish

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Telling your fish monger that you are planning to make sushi will help him make you safe and fresh fish fillet changing his gloves, knives, and cutting board so your raw intake should be free of parasites.

Are you still thinking twice before having a fish by your own? You must than find best sushi in town. As its popular, there are number of sushi restaurants around town, so you can find one easily nearby to have dinner tonight.

Best Sushi In Chicago

Living in Chicago? You must have tried sushi from many places but have you given a try to Coast sushi bar on Damen ave. Having signature sushi in salmon or tuna is best of my life. Other than this try “five-o” at sushi x and also visit katsu. It is the best Japanese restaurant out in town.

Best Sushi In Las Vegas

Quality ingredients served fresh packed with true flavors are at sushi Roku. Also the best is kaizen sushi and then my love is yellow tail sushi restaurant.

Best Sushi In San Diego

Sushi lovers out there in San Diego must be a lover of spicy salmon at sushi ota. Even the soft shell crab roll, sweet shrimp, Diego roll are worth to be perfect sushi. They serve the traditional flavors of sushi with a wide selection of fish all fresh and best of taste every time.

Best Sushi In Boston

Cafe sushi, O Ya, Sushi time is the best places in Boston for nigiri eaters. Traditional sashimi served with yummy layers of flavor exploiting in your mouth.

Best Sushi In Virginia

best of best sushi are around the Virginia beach at Kyushu Japanese restaurant. They serve the mouth-watering squid once you ate you will always be there for sashimi set.

Best Sushi In Houston

Houston has two world-class sushi restaurants Uchi and Osaka Japanese restaurant serving the best mouthful in town.

Best Sushi In NYC

Blue ribbon sushi, sushi of Gari, Kano Yama is the professional sushi providers for the lovers in NYC.

Best Sushi In Atlanta

At Taka sushi cafe food is delicious, with an Asian fusion. And the lunch at sushi huku restaurant is like falling in love with nigiri.

Best Sushi In Los Angeles

A major city trafficked with restaurants having amazing sushi obsessed hiko sushi and toshi sushi serving baby tuna and yellowtail traditional and revelatory sashimi.

Best Sushi In DC

There area many Japanese restaurants in DC area but the best one are sushi taro and kaz sushi bistro. Dragon rolls at KAZ are like to go crazy whereas, Hay-smoked bonito sashimi is a special at sushi taro.

Still are you looking for best place in town to fill you up with tempting sushi? Given a try to any place I suggest? Do you love it? Or you know a place for best sushi around town? Do share for us to have a delicious and yummy sushi next.

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