What is Migraine Headache? Symptoms of Migraine are Several

Are you feeling some pain in your head but this pain is partly not in full section of your head? Then stay alert as this can be a serious Migraine Headache problem. A headache in which you feel pain in one part of your head either left or right and you can suffer from this pain for minimum 2 hours and it can stay up to 72 hours.

What is Migraine Headache?

“Migraine Headache is a severe pain causing by any physical activity or due to any neurological disorder. However these are the key symptoms of Migraine Headache but it is still not proven that are these the only indications of this very disease.”

What are migraine headaches?

The word Migraine came from Greek where they name it (hemikrania) means half-skull. Usually it has no fix pattern and occurs unilateral. This disease is normally associated with photophobia, phonophobia, vomiting and nausea means you may not face extreme light like Flash light while taking pictures or Traffic noise and after vomiting you may feel your head dizzying and pain in your head.

Migraine Headaches

Migraines Headache is supposed to occur due to a mixture of environment or genetic factors and it is quite common in both of the male and female. If you are feeling that pain, then you are not alone as around 15% of population is suffering from this very problem at an international level. Here are some more and clear symptoms of Migraines Headache which can help you to decide whether it is Migraines Headache or just normal pain:

  1. Prodrome phase
  2. Aura phase
  3. Pain phase
  4. Postdome

What is migraine headache?

1. Prodrome Phase

Prodrome also known as premonitory symptoms usually occur before two hours or sometimes two days prior to pain of aura. this may include different kind of things like you may feel irritated, tiredness, a strong desire to eat something and pain in muscles mostly in neck and also you became sensitive regarding noise or smell.

2. Aura Phase

This phase can occur before or while the headache period and appear slowly within a minute and can last up to 60 minutes or less. In this phase, you can face sensory, visual problem along with motor in nature but it can be more than one as many people complain to have sometimes all of them or sometimes one of them.

3. Pain Phase

In this phase you feel intense pain in some of your body sections both internally and external. About 40% of cases the pain is bilateral and is associated with neck pain which is very common while Migraines Headache. Usually, this pain stays less than for 4 hours and can stay up to 72 hours (3 days) but that is very rare case.

4. Postdome

This phase starts after the Migraines Headache is gone but leaves some of its pain in your head and other sections such as you may feel rough and no well, impaired thinking for a days right after the headache ends up or similar problems. You may feel weakness and changed mood after the pain is gone and also you can feel depressed or maybe feeling is refreshing after the pain is vanished.

If you feel any of these symptoms then make contact with a neurologist or consult with your family doctor about this problem.

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