Vasay Chaudhry Writtens Drama ‘Jackson Heights’ – Great Cast

Vasay Chaudhry Drama ‘Jackson Heights’

Pakistani people are always smart, and they are smarter in case of the entertainment industry, where people are progressing incessantly. The current set of the Jackson Heights is a hallmark in the Pakistani entertainment industry. This has been one of the great depictions of the talent of the people who are doing their best to prove their identity. Jackson Heights is a Pakistani TV set serial in Karachi Pakistan and the New York, and it is about the characters that live and work in Jackson Heights. The show was released on the Urdu 1 Network, which is widely watched by Pakistanis.

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The Cast of Jackson Heights

Jackson Heights was one of the debut of the of the entertainment industry, which was released in the recent past month, August 2014. It has been a good release as it attracted attention of the people much. Directed by Mehreen Jabbar and written by Vasay Chaudhry, the TV is awesome in its cast and character. Many of the Pakistani entertainment have starred in the TV show, including, Marina Khan, Nouman Ijaz, Aamin Sheikh, AliKazmi, Adeel Hussain, Monsoon Bissel, Almas Noos, Ahmad Razvi, Theo Golen, Taimur Syed and Taimoor Qureshi including many others.

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The TV show has received much appreciation from the viewers. One of the comments among fans which has been received on Facebook is:

Sibyl Viane says, “This scene showed the legend that is Nauman Ijaz & the one Aamina Sheikh is going to be. He is the BEST male actor we have & she is definitely the best female. Salma is scared in this scene but trying to act bold, portrayed so PERFECTLY by Aamina. Nauman Ijaz was HILARIOUS & so perfect as Imran Bhatti: accent, mannerisms, body language & EVERYTHING ELSE! Hats off sir!” The Facebook page of the show has around twenty thousand likes. Hope this has earned enough fame for the Pakistani entertainment industry.

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