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Vasay Chaudhry Biography

Vasay Chaudhry was known as the 25-minute sitcom guy before his recent films have been released, in particular Main Hun Shahid Afridi. Vasay is a talented story writer; he has create very interesting plot lines as well as stories including Jutt and Bond.

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Vasay Chaudhry Early Life

Vasay was born and raised in Lahore. In an interview, he told that he was not allowed to watch Hollywood by his family. Therefore, he could only watch Pakistani and Indian movies. He also said that he had the advantage that he had got to see the Pakistani cinema for free.

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Vasay Chaudhry Showbiz Career

One of the good attitudes is that he wanted his work to be original always therefore he avoided the theatre in Government College and he totally put his efforts on the one which he could create independently.

Vasay Chaudhry with Hina Dilpazeer

Vasay with Hina Dilpazeer

Vasay Chaudhry Professional Associations

He took help from Dr Jounis Butt for Jutt and Bond, who had an association with one of the good friend Zain Ahmed and he seek assistance from him in order to write the serial for him. While Dr Younis respond in a way, he decided to write his own. Dr. Younis refused to do his work, therefore. Finally, he made his identity possible.

After he experiences this day, Chaudhry stated that on tribune dot com dot pk;

“So, then I sat down to make the decision and thought about all the terrible dramas I have seen in my life. I thought about how bad could my writing be, decided to give it a shot and wrote Jutt and Bond. Over the years, you learn by writing a lot of screenplays. Its a complete cycle one has to go through as a writer.”

Vasay Chaudhry Contribution to the Entertainment

He also starred ‘Na Janay Kyun’ drama serial which is widely watched in the country which is aired on Pakistan Television Network. The talented Vasay has also contributed to many plays including ‘Inspector Khojee.’ He also produced several drama serials which are aired on ARY digital including which are ‘Timmy G’, and ‘Rubber Band.’

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Vasay Chaudhry Wedding

Are you one of the fans of Vasay, if yes, let us know by commenting below his marital status, because no information has yet been available over the internet.

Vasay Chaudhry wife and kids

Vasay with his wife and kids

Vasay Chaudhry wifeVasay Chaudhry wife

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