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World Wide UBL Branches

United Bank Limited Branches with more than thousand branches countrywide. It is also known as UBL is the second biggest private commercial profitable trusted bank in Pakistan,  a client database of more than four million and . It got fifteen branches outdoor or separate the country are in the USA known as United States of America, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Republic of Yemen and Bahrain. It also got archetypal offices in Tehran, Almaty, Kazakhstan and Iran. It owns companies in the United Kingdom like United National Bank Limited, and also got in Zurich, and Switzerland. Outcomes available for the 1st complete years since denationalization show highest evolution in corporate volumes, and larger effectiveness, in comparison to peer group.

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Agha Hasan Abedi who originated the united bank limited in the year 1959. In the year 1971 the Government of Pakistan owned the bank. In the year 2002 the Government of Pakistan vended it in an open Dutch auction to an association of Bestway and Abu Dhabi Groups.

In the year 02 the bank amalgamated its processes in the United Kingdom with those stuffs and essential things to National Bank of Pakistan which is also known as NBP to form United National Bank Limited. United Bank owns fifty five percentage of the joint venture and National Bank of Pakistan keeping the rest.

UBL Online Banking

United Banks Limited is state of the art online banking; clients are allowed to use their accounts from more than nine hundred branches situated in one hundred and fifty cities all over the Pakistan. Dealings such as Cheque Encashment, Cash Deposit, Account Statement, Stop Payment, Bill Payments and Funds Transfer, are handled online on web without the interruption and need to travel to the local division.

In month of February in 2005, United Bank Limited propelled its credit card services, which is known to be the 1st EMV chip allowed credit card in entire continent of South Asia. In month of June 2005, United Bank accomplished its full collection of customer merchandises by initiation of United Bank Limited Money, the loan on personal instalment basis. United Bank Limited Commercial and profitable Banking has battled attenuation spreads and harder competition, conveying an upsurge in total payments and doubling up the profitable loaning portfolio.

United AMC

The United Asset Management Company which is also famous as United AMC is a solely possessed lesser of the United Bank. The corporation was recognized in the month of April 2001, under the Corporations Decree 1984. The company was totally unglued from its entire parental corporation United Bank Limited in the month of June 2004 and certified to activate under a distinct administration. United Asset Management Company has freshly been again launched with a new spitting image, a new sign and new business individuality.

Post privatization, United Bank Limited has arose to be known as one of Pakistan’s most lively and aggressive monetary organizations with its customer centric viewpoint of flattering a world class level bank where the client comes 1st, dependant on which all its goods and facilities are intended.

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