Top Ten John Grisham Books: Well-Written Plots

Born on February 6, 1955, John Grisham is an American lawyer, author, politician and he is best known for his legal thrillers which are popular all the ways. John Grisham books are more familiar than him. He has been graduated from the Mississippi State University in 1981. According to a report released on 2012, his books had sold over 275 million copies worldwide. These books are highly read by the fans across the world, he has also been writing about legal thriller and crime fiction. Along with the all other characteristics, his writing is one of the best reasons for being known globally. Following is a list of the good reads by the author.

1. The Racketeer: A Novel

“The Racketeer is guilty of one thing: keeping us engaged until the very last page”. This novel is written by John Grisham and is very excited, surprising and well-designed novel. In this book, he focuses on the law and fiction. It is solid work and thoroughly enjoyable, intense and light. It is highly recommended and a must because it is an interesting and thrilling book. The perfect flow and the well-designed plot of the novel have attracted enough readers. And it is read by the fans of the author all across the world.

2. Sycamore Row

The Sycamore Row is the one of the most popular novel that time of the author. It is very hard to put the book down after starting to read it. It is very suspenseful, well-written and easy to follow with a lot of twists and turn a good read kept you on edge from the beginning to the ending of this novel. This is a good read for all ages, and it is highly recommended book especially those who love suspense.

3. The Litigators: A Novel

The writer of the book tells us about the person who is not a criminal actually and defending them in court. It has interesting and heart touching story simply attract us to read this book. This is one of the best books about the Litigators and highly recommended for those who have fallen love with the author. One more aspect of this novel is that it can better teach the reader how to defend his or herself in a court.

4. The Testament

The Testament by John Grisham

It is the one of the best John Grisham books, I have ever read, a story that combines legal suspense with a remarkable adventure, their lives are forever changed by the startling secret of The Testament. This book is also available in audio and it is  so interesting that once started reading, you do not want to put down the book until you finish it.You will find  this book a very fast read, a lot of twists and well written.

5. The Confession

“An innocent man is about to be excited and only a guilty man can save him.” This book packed with a lot of tensions, legal roadblock and shocking revelations, which starts with fast and ends with fastest. This book, tell us about the sad story of the inadequacies of justice to men and really makes us think about the legal system especially the death penalties. This is a highly recommended book for those who are interested in criminal law.

6. A Painted House: A Novel

This novel depicted the style, way of expressing and writing abilities of the author and in this book he has delivered a quieter and more contemplative story of the boy on the poor farm. Although it is not a great thriller but it is a great story that could not have sounded more fact the ending of the book did not really seem like the end, it just kind of stopped due to some ideas in the story so well developed characters and  just go for read.

7. Calico Joe

A surprising and moving novel of fathers and sons, forgiveness, and redemption, set in the world of Major League Baseball. An enjoyable heartwarming and exciting story of a baseball and this book is hard to put down when someone is reading. The story is easy to understand and quick to read but the characters development is weak and the ending is unsatisfactory. Younger can take fantasy of this book.

8. The Partner

The book is interesting, has a twist, unexpected and well throughout the story. It is an excellent novel with a lot of fun to read. The writer tells about the partner in the law which is very suspenseful and unbelievable and there are too many coincidences to be realistic. Besides many of complaints about the ending of the book but you will enjoy the nonlinear story, telling style enough to trust the author with the end. All readers are to make up their own mind about Lanigan’s fate.

9. The Street Lawyer

This book is quite boring and you will find the book very dry to read. The story lines are slow and the characters are not as well-developed as some of his other books. The lessons he was trying to get out in the story are good, but he just stalled and made the book way longer than it should have been. The concept is good, but irregular points are there in it, it just does not grab one’s attention the way most of the author’s novel do. The irregular plot of the novel is not attractive, due to which readers have not found interest in this book yet.

10. The Brethren

Grisham has produced some books really liked by the readers and some are not good. One of them is The Brethren book, it is old sort of novel and it is the story of how some crooked judges are able to run a scam from inside a jail and how a completely evil general tries to bug an election and start a war. This book has an implausible plot, poor character development, and a lame ending. It disappoints the reader after reading this book rather than excitement. Therefore, it is not a highly recommended book for the readers.

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