Top Activist: Bill Gates Philanthropy – 8 Facts

Today, in this selfish and mean world, where everyone is running behind his success and always try finding some ways to make use of other’s abilities, people like Bill Gates is a blessing. Yeah! Bill Gates who is not only a successful computer programmer and a business man, but also a world’s greatest Philanthropist.

Philanthropist means for helping those needier who are poverty-stricken or having health issues, educational issues and need other financial or emotional help.

Bill Gates was born in United States, London and married a girl named Melinda Gates. They both are a founder of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which is the world’s largest private foundation company. This foundation is mainly constructed to remove poverty and induce health care centers. It has also been working for educational and informative programs.

Bill Gates Philanthropy

Bill Gates is many passionate towards helping others. He wants to make his society and country, well-educated and remove unemployment related issues. He is a great philanthropist.

Take a look on some Bill Gates Philanthropy and check how he has been working for others.

1) Mr. and Mrs. Bill Gates had donated $2.65 billion last year for the eradication or survival of deadly diseases around the whole world.

2) Their Gates Foundation is continuously working on solving some drastic and global issues concerning the whole world.

3) Bill Gates has also supported many other foundation and charities like ALS Foundation children with AIDs, Earth Institute, the lunchbox fund,, etc.. in making their best effort to help others.

4) Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has been divided into two parts as one is the foundation while another trust. Foundation has been in services for serving poverty and health while trust has been indulged in investments and helping other foundations or charity funds.

5) FSP (Foundation financial services for poor) has been working hard with almost 1,211 staff members. That is working against malaria, polio, and other health related diseases.

6) Bill Gates is in deep sympathies of those having AIDs, poverty, physical challenges, need family support, hunger, human rights, peace,, etc..

7) Bill Gates said in one of his sayings that:

“I realized ten years ago that my wealth has to go back to society. A fortune, the size of which is hard to imagine, is best not passed on to one’s children. It’s not constructive for them.”

“Until we are educating every kid in a fantastic way until every inner city is cleaned, there is no shortage of things to do.’

8) “The Giving Pledge” is another campaign by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, who are friends as well as business partners. They held this campaign for encouraging wealthy people to become a part of philanthropy.

Bill Gates always tries to encourage people towards success by throwing out words from his mind.

“Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.”

Bill Gates is the world’s second richest person of the world but, instead of getting proud, he remained a powerful tool of this world. He is still working hard to make this world better and better.

Say something about this blessed man who is now blessing for all of us.

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