Top 3 Psychologists for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Are you curious of or facing any cognitive behavioral therapy?

Let’s first start with what science says about cognitive keyword. Cognition, according to science, is a mental reaction depending on the situation of judgment, exploring, decision taking, attention, etc. Here to onwards, different people think of it in a different perspective as those psychiatrists, psychologists, biology, anthropology, computerized world, etc.

Behavior is the reaction towards the stimulus. Cognitive behavioral therapy, on the whole, is abbreviated as CBT and refers to as the response of a person towards anything including the whole world. Cognitive is what your mind thinks of, and behavior is how you response considering that thinking. These include a variety of reactions such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, stress, and any phobias.

It is complete psychotherapy process which is organized in a sequence session by psychotherapist to make you aware of the negative wipes that your mind is getting and allows you to learn ways to respond them attentively. There are many useful reasons that have been told by psychologists to take this therapy, most important of which is that you find yourself challenging with the situation.

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Top 3 Psychologists

Psychologists are searching in deep for cognitive behavioral theory and are much successful about gathering a variety of informative knowledge on it. Here is the top 3 psychologists available to guide you on what cognitive behavioral therapy is and how they deal with them.

1) Albert Bandura

Albert Bandura is psychologists having American nationality. He is famous for his expertise in this field. He elaborates the limits implied by behavioral theory. He takes the cognitive behavioral theory in terms of social values and issues, described the mental ability of reacting to social issues going around on a daily basis. He thinks that people think and learn from one another which he called as a route between behavioral and cognition. He believes in observational learning of behavior.

2) Robert Sternberg

Robert Sternberg is an American professor which deals in the field of cognition. He divided this theory on three aspects of executive, legislative and judicial branch, explaining that legislative people thinks of its rule. Executive people are followers of already designated rules and judicial people likes to build new rules and regulations. He totally divides the whole field of cognition on different values and aspects.

3) Elizabeth Loftus

She is an American Cognitive psychologist having expertise on human memory. She has worked hard to get enough detailed information on memory behavior. For her, memory can be changed, enhanced or submitted. She mainly focused on eyewitness and false memory. She thinks of that people consider wrong events to be happened once in their life as though this never happened.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Psychologists asked cognitive behavioral therapy to be taken on a monthly basis to manage mental disabilities like eating disorders, depression, sexual disorders, anxiety, schizophrenia, personal disorders, etc. Psychologists are not allowed to prescribe medicines, but these theories can be much more effective with medication. You should be prepared before undergoing this therapy.

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